Meeting for the First Time

Dave finally got Kathleen number after months of emails and he had also planned a surprise for her. The day to meet has came and it was up to him to make her time worthwhile. They had decided to meet at her block in the west, and her boyfriend would be in camp as well, making things less guilty for her. Kathleen had been waiting for some time and just as she was about to doze off, an SMS came through her phone.

Dave (WhatsApp): ‘I’ve reached and am in the lift now. When you hear the lift beep, close your eyes.’

It was exactly what he described to her that got her heated up that ever slightly, luring her to meet up with him. She closed her eyes and knew what to expect. The lift beep did came and her eyes shut themselves, while the footsteps of slipper noises closed in on her. A pair of warm hands then laid on her shoulders, massaging the stiff muscles for a while, before going around her neck and tickling her with his nails. Aware of how this was going to turn out, excitement and anticipation got ahead of his movements and she bit her lips, ready to suppress any moans coming out.

Very slowly, like an airplane touching down, his palms roamed to her chest, and pushing his fingers into the neckline, they went directly into her bra and to the twin peaks, warming her breasts with his body temperature. One of her ears felt his ear on it, and then hot breaths of air, followed by his lips clamping on her earlobes. It felt so sexy, and docile, unlike anything her boyfriend did. Dave obviously knew his work and moves, turning her on even more. It was the first time for the both of them, to step out of their relationships into this forbidden one. There was so much more to come.

His hands did not stop kneading her breasts as his tongue stroked along the outer area, wetting her lobes with saliva and the subtle slurping sounds just made her squirm even more. His legs opened beside her and Kathleen thought she felt his bulge against her back, but for now, she could not resist but wished this would never end.

Dave did not take long to realise she was wearing a tight tank top, and the material of her bra was very thin, possibly not able to hide her decency if her nipples erected in public. Like how he started touching her, his arms pulled away since he could not reach any further and she had no choice but to have that break. She was not as plump as how she described to Dave in the SMSes, in fact, she had the perfect amount of flesh around the curves of her figure and it felt so soft in his hands, her legs were also slim, to a point a gap would always be there no matter how tightly she closed her legs.

She opened her eyes to a blur from the evening light and met his gaze for the first time, surprised at how good he looked, better than the toned complexion he had during his army days. Dave went to the front of her and helped her up, bringing her to the ground between the connecting flight of stairs between the two floors. The units were facing towards the corridor, well obstructed from them. No one would come to that area, since there were lifts on every floor.

Kathleen removed her cardigan and tucked it away into her bag, while Dave watched in awe, at her slender arms and collarbones. Once she was done, he pulled her into his arms with one move and kissed on her neck, nibbling along the way, doing his best to make her moan, which did not take long to happen. She was losing herself gradually in his magical fondling and to fight would be denying herself of what she had been seeking for in a guy all along.

His hands reached down to her thighs and climbed back up, going under her black cotton flare skirt, to remove her panties that would hinder their fun. She let him tug it off her legs and kept herself close as his fingers dived between the slit, rubbing vigorously on her clit. How could she just let him do all the work? Kathleen took a step back and challenged him to remove his underwear in record time. And to further tempt her, he only took 5 seconds to show her it was done, by putting her hand inside his shorts, touching on his hot piece of rod immediately.

Kathleen could only grin in excitement while she stroked him up and down, in turn fuelling his fingers to move even faster, until he pushed it right up her vagina. A yelp caught him off guard and she held on to his dick tightly as he rammed his fingers furiously, disabling her sane thoughts and proper control of her body. Her legs weakened and he placed his thigh between her legs to support, against the wall she was leaning on. As his movements got wilder, the first orgasm with a guy outside her relationship hit her hard and a patch of wetness form on his shorts.

Looking shyly away, she was embarrassed by her messy orgasm. After catching her breath, she knelt down on the hard concrete, let him leaned against the wall and adjusted his shorts just low enough to let the dick out into the air. Without looking at his shocked look, she took his dick into her mouth and went deep and fast on the spot, sending the weakness all to him while he struggled to hang on to the PVC pipes that were nearby. Her tongue kept circling around his little head while her lips pumped along the shaft, coupled with her constant toying with his testicles, he could barely control his cum.

With no warning, he shoved her head towards him and pumped the sticky pile of cum down her throat, that she did not resist but tried to breath through her nose, all the while experiencing how hot cum would feel going down to her stomach. He let her go after he was done and was looking all guilty, but she did not feel forced. Never before someone had been so rough with her, and it was the dominance she enjoyed.

After resting for a few minutes, her mouth went back to restart his engine and teased it to a point it was a little numb. Perfect for penetration. He flipped her around and pushed her to the railings of the stairwell, flipped her skirt up and parted her legs with a gentle kick. He did not waste anymore time and rammed his dick into the tightness, blowing her mind on the spot with the depth in place of the wide he lacked. It was the right length for her to stimulate her G-spot and she simply could not bring herself to embarrass herself anymore by telling him such details.

His vigour and strength impressed her very much, draining her energy as her G-spot was constantly poked and stroked. It merely took him three minutes to give her the next climax and feeling her pussy contracting over his rod, he took the chance to pound her even harder and continued to give her the orgasms which just came without control. As juices poured out of her pussy all over his dick and testicles, he knew he would not cum so soon.

There was no time to waste with this curvy nice young lady, whose raging hormones proved to be subduable. Since her boyfriend was not around to help her out, why can’t he have the honour? The slapping of their bodies went on for a long while with her struggling to maintain her balance, and him indulging in the near-vacuum pressure inside her. As time passed, it was getting boring and feeling less good for him.

Once again, he flipped her towards him and raised one of her legs onto his elbow, which held onto her shoulders to keep her legs split. Thrusting his dick right back where it belonged, their two bodies slammed against each other with his dick going in deeper than before and changing the angle where her G-spot was attacked. The juices flowed down her legs this time and it just kept leaking while he took his time to breath in her womanly-freshly-showered scent.

His body timer went off into a countdown after one of her most intense orgasm broke free and the tightness not going away, he notified her that he would be cumming soon. They knew what not to do, therefore, also clearing the doubts on what TO do. He gave her the last few thrusts and pulled his dick out of her, letting her kneel on the floor while stroking him, while his hips buckled and sprayed his load onto her chest, coating it in a slimy protein breast mask.

Kathleen licked the remaining droplets off the tip of his dick, giving it a final kiss before going back to the steps for a rest. The duo having sex all the time, did not kiss on their lips at any time, understanding that kisses were only for love birds, which they were not. While they sat at the steps talking about their sex lives, her hands slipped back into the leg openings of his shorts and jerked him off for the third time, taking the final and meagre streams of cum into her mouth for a good tasting before gulping it down.

In the cold winds, they hugged each other for a long time before she had to leave for dinner at home, and Dave, to get home for some sleep to get his energy back for his girlfriend the next day.

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