Good Receptivity

A receptionist would be someone who receives people, often a pretty face behind a desk, ideally with a sweet voice too. Sarah was one of them, for a small company, married to a lucky guy. They were home deciding what to do for the night when her hubby suggested they reminisce the old times by visiting a club they used to hang out at. Her height of 167cm would seemed tall for most guys, but it was perfect for her range of clothes, and the breasts size of 32A felt really comfortable in her skin and it was something she was proud of, despite being small. Sarah picked a pair of rarely-worn leather skirt and waited on the bed while he got dressed, taking the chance to snap a picture of her as well.

They made their way down and sat at their usual seat, drinking and indulging in the loud deafening music. A long time on the dance floor made them really high and hot, coming into contact with each other like a new couple. As they laughed away, the night slipped by and it was soon getting quieter, until the crowd had dispersed. Her husband excused himself to the toilet and went back to their seat, dropping an effervescent tablet into Sarah’s drink before finishing his own cup. At one corner, he watched as few of the guys brought her drunk state back to the table and roamed their hands all over her, feeling her up, one even kissing her daringly.

She grudgingly pushed them away and he returned shortly, mentally prepared for what was about to come. He took her bag and left the area, but not too far so he could watch and ensure her safety. Without money nor her cell, the few guys came back to her and once again, got touchy and even groped her in the dimness. Things would be getting heated from here on. They helped her up and out of the club, flagging a cab down and the husband followed on the taxi behind. There were occasional pauses along the road, presumingly trying to get her address out of her. Finally, the cars drove towards Seng Kang, and they alighted around the public swimming pool.

The three men dragged her to a dark grassy patch around the perimeter of the pool and began yanking her skirt off, pulling off her spag top carefully. Her strapless bra fell to the grass in no time and the men surrounded her, kissing, groping and even unzipped their pants for the most irresponsible quickie(s). The first man pulled her legs further between himself and leaned over her, slipping his dick easily as she was wet from the alcohol and intimate dancing with her husband. Sarah was too drugged and drunk to have any strength to fight back at all.

The first man kept ramming his dick into her while the other two held her down. One of them whipped out his dick in impatience and forced it into her mouth, going deep throat on her while her pussy was busy. Within minutes, the first guy cummed into her and the second took over his place. Doing the same, he leaned over her and lifted her legs high, before slipping it into her cum-filled slit and pounded away, ready to cum anytime. The dick in her mouth was choking her, at the same time, keeping her from making any noises.

Right then, a dark skinned foreign worker appeared like a ghost out of the corner and spotted the three of them. The one who had cummed signalled for him to stay low and wait. Whispering to him, that he can take over once they were done. Why not? He might never have a chance to fuck a Chinese lady. The second guy emptied his balls into her and pulled out for the third guy, which wanted to flip her over to doggie and started banging her. All the time, her husband was at the nearby block, too far to be detected, but knew his wife was still at that same spot. The third guy fucking her had some intense foreplay with her mouth, so he did not last even five minutes before shooting his load into her, and some onto her back.

It was just too thrilling to be doing a naked woman under such scary conditions. The worker having saw them done and rushed off, put his bags of groceries down and pulled his shorts down. He placed Sarah on her back and then raised her legs like how one of the guys did it, before pushing his huge black dick inside her and pumped, immediately causing her to moan like a wailing cat. He cupped her mouth with his hand and continued raping her tight cunt, pushing out all the sperms that were in her and sending the throbs down her pussy, that was so full with his thick slab of meat.

After a good mind blowing few minutes, the man groaned in ecstasy and blew his load deep into her, spewing splashes of lava hot cum into her until he was done and she was even weaker. He got up in a haste and suspiciously glanced around before rushing off with his stuff, disappearing into the corner where he appeared. Along the things he picked up, he also snatched away her shirt and skirt, leaving her lying next to her bra and thongs.

The next few hours were pretty quiet, and right at about 5am, a student in uniform who was smoking saw the pair of slender long legs sticking out of the darkness and went over to her, shocked to find her naked. He searched around for passer-bys but there were none, he took out his cell and clicked on it for a while before keeping it back into his pocket.

Looking around for another time, he dragged Sarah further into the darkness and the husband could notice the school pants lowering itself and he picked her up, leaning her against the wall. He then pulled her hips backwards until it was at his dick level before sinking his manhood inside her, coming in contact with the overflowing cum. Her pussy was tighter than before from the earlier fucking sessions but he was decently sized for his age. Pushing his way inside her also had triggered all the right buttons for her to get an instant orgasm. Her palm tightened into a fist pressing against the wall and the stream of juices just leaked like a tap. He spent no more time figuring out what was happening and began thrusting his dick in and out of her.

Sarah knew what was happening but could not gather enough strength to resist. The dick inside her was driving her wild with pleasure and insane with guilt. She had never done anyone else except her husband, in her life. Yet she could not deny the fact that it felt really good with another set of penis inside her. Instinctively, her body tried to push the foreign dick out but instead, the boy felt even better and went faster, until his knees weakened as well and they both fell onto the floor, supported by their knees.

Not giving up, he continued pounding her tortured cunt until he felt the bomb going off, flushing his tank of soldiers into her, replacing every drop of the dirty cum in her with his warm, fresh and pure velvety ones. It was as smooth as condensed milk, yet as fragrant as Carnation milk, and as white as fresh milk. She felt head first onto the grass patch and the hubby immediately came over, wrapping her up with a bathrobe before bringing her home to rest.

I wonder what a state she was in when he picked her up.

Photos published with permission, courtesy of Stysg.

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