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As Mummy was overseas for a few days due to work, Jenny and Philip had all the time with their father. Since that night of sex education, they had not touched each other without daddy’s permission, and all he had allowed them to do was to let Jenny had her night ‘snack’ off Philip’s body, and him to help his sister fall asleep (by masturbating her).

Jenny: ‘Daddy! When is Mummy coming back?
Daddy: ‘About three days later. Since you are here, can you ask Philip here too?’

She nodded obediently and appeared with her brother, naked waist down.

Daddy: ‘Jen, have you been wearing panties?’
Jenny: ‘Nope. Unless I have my period.’

Daddy nodded in satisfaction and got Philip to sit beside him on the sofa in the living room. Jenny was made to sit on a stool in front of them, with her legs opened so she could sit closer. He removed his boxers and placed Jenny’s hands on both of their dicks, guiding her a few strokes up and down to start the double delight special.

Jenny worked tirelessly on the two rods while using their pre-cum as lubricant to help with her task. Daddy had placed Philip’s feet at her pussy and asked him to help his sister out by teasing her pussy. With the three of them well turned on, Daddy’s dick was growing out of her grasp from the width of it.

Once the guys were hardened, Daddy picked Jenny up and placed her between them. It was his turn to check the development of her pussy, and to see how much it had grown. He took his pinky and pushed it into her, making her give off a little moan as two joints disappeared into her.

Daddy: ‘Painful?’
Jenny: ‘No.. it feels good.’
Daddy: ‘Good. Philip, help lick your sister on the stool?’

Philip obeyed and buried his face in his sister’s sparsely haired pussy, licking her up and down and hearing her moan in pleasure. Daddy stood on the sofa wit his dick in front of her mouth and she knew what to do immediately. Sucking diligently, she loved how her father complimented her skills, while pushing her head to go deeper. He knew she wouldn’t be able to take his full length, so he did not force her any further and just let her did whatever she could.

After ten minutes, the two children slowed down from exhaustion and Daddy was ready to move to the next plan.

Daddy: ‘Did you two have sex after that night?’
Philip: ‘Nope. We listened to Daddy.’
Daddy: ‘Good. You remember how to do it?’

They nodded eagerly and he allowed them to do it, with his supervision. Jenny positioned herself over the sofa’s headrest while Philip guided her butt to his dick. A slow entry completed the penetration and the young boy took his time, fucking his sister in whichever speed his body could afford. Daddy sat next to them, stroking his dick to keep it in form, until Philip cried out that he was shooting.

Daddy: ‘Philip, go over to your sister’s mouth. Don’t waste it.’

He ran over to the other side and let her sister place her mouth over his little dick. Daddy got up and went behind Jenny, spreading her ass cheeks as wide as he could. Very slowly, he pushed the tip of his dick in and her legs struggled to close.

Daddy: ‘Jen, you have to open wider so it wouldn’t hurt.’

Her mouth had stopped moving and Philip was feeling the pain from her expression. Moving in millimetres, Daddy sent his dick into his daughter and when it reached the halfway mark, Jenny went quiet.

Daddy: ‘Jen, you alright?’
Jenny: ‘Daddy.. it feels super nice.’

Hearing how his daughter liked it, he completed the full length and stayed inside her for some time. As his hips began thrusting into that overwhelmed young pussy, he told Philip not to move. The momentum he rammed her in had actually caused her mouth to slip up and down his shaft. And the orgasms she experienced came much more frequent, collapsing her body, including her mouth, into semi-conscious state.

Daddy: ‘If your sister is too tired, just move your hips like you are having sex with her.’

Philip understood him well and the two guys spent fifteen minutes piercing her two holes continuously. His son took more time before he came in her mouth, and Jenny woke up from the taste just to swallow it. Daddy stopped his actions after Jenny swallowed and brought her back on the sofa, letting her rest her aching pussy.

Daddy: ‘Can you swallow Daddy too?’
Jenny: ‘Yes. But I am too tired.’

He kneeled over her head and jerked himself off, until the last moment, where he placed her hands on his thick manhood and let her complete the job. Her mouth came over his tip as he groaned and she swirled her tongue around until the huge gush of cum came once again, puffing up her cheeks and keeping her swallowing the load.

Once was done, he went back to his seat and placed Jenny’s head on his lap, patting her to sleep.

Daddy: ‘Philip, can you massage your sister’s pussy? It must be sore.’

Philip sat at her feet and rubbed her up and down, playfully using her feet to wake his dick up again.

Daddy: ‘For this three days before Mummy comes home, you two can have sex, but Philip, you cannot shoot inside your sister. And you two will have to let me know before you do it. Oh, no clothes around the house, so I don’t have to wash them.’

They got completely naked and slept for a long time until dinner time, where Jenny got another two loads for dessert, and Philip’s thirst was quenched with the juices from her pussy. For that three days, the family fucked around the house, cumming everytime into Jenny’s mouth so she would never go thirsty. Philip had learnt three more positions (missionary, doggie, 69) and Jenny had her fill of orgasms for the period their mother was not around.

For Daddy? He had bought a wireless vibrator for his little girl, so she could feel pampered no matter where they went as a family.

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