Untypical Day

It was a usual day for the 16 year old Vivian as she walked home through the dark alley to get home faster. Lessons ended early that day but she stayed back with two of her friends to rush a project and it was almost 9pm when they were done. As she walked, she heard some footsteps behind her but the path was short, so she ignored it. Soon, the lit end of the road appeared and she picked up her pace. This path near Nanyang Polytechnic always creeped her out as the three semi-detach were unoccupied for as long as she remembered.

Just as she stepped out into the light, a hard impact landed on her neck and the last thing Vivian remembered was her books and files in her hands being thrown as she fell. It wasn’t until hours later she regained consciousness and found herself in a room. The surrounding was lighted by an old bulb that flickered, though too dim to show her more details of where she was. The windows were covered with newspaper, other than that, it was pretty clean and tidy.

Her body was strapped on a dentist type of chair, with her legs propped up on a pair of holder, almost ninety degrees at her knees. A few moments later, the only door in the room opened and a male in his 20s introduced himself as Xavier. He had latex gloves on and the spectacles on his nose were quite the trendy type. Behind him, he dragged a machine with what seemed like a dildo at one of the tip sticking out.

They did not speak to each other until the time came when he positioned the machine between her legs, right at her bare bottom. With her panties cut out of the way, her pussy was in direct contact with the tip of the dildo and the thoughts of being raped appeared in her mind.

Vivian: ‘What are you doing? We can work something out. Just get that thing off me first!’

It had not pierced into her slit yet, but it was only a matter of time when he did. The clear dildo was made of soft rubber and had more electronics embedded behind the transparency. She had only begun masturbating with her sex toy in similar length and nature but it was mostly in her control. This time, the machine would replace her hands and probably do more than just fuck.

Xavier stood a distance away and had a control panel with a dial and a big red button on it, connected to the machine through a thick cable. The machine moved closer to her and the dildo penetrated into her soft folds, before stopping midway inside her. It was about the same size as the toy she had, but it felt more terrifying with the device it was attached to.

The dildo started thrusting into her slowly, and picked up speed as he twisted on the dial. Vivian’s mind immediately went blank with pleasure and she felt cold fluids entering her through the dildo as well, heightening her sensitivity at her privates. With her bra also removed, her nipples poked through her thin school blouse and begging to be fondled. With that, the machine relentlessly fucked her mind out and the chains of orgasms came after a few minutes.

The dildo was pumping in and out of her with a mechanical whine, steady on the heavy machine and driving her into insanity, sprouting nonsense and irrational screams of joy. Words like ‘oh yeah!‘, ‘fuck me harder‘, ‘what a slut I am‘, came out of her decent mouth and was immersed in the pleasure ride.

At one time, an intense climax almost knocked her out and stopped the dildo in its track. Xavier went to the tiny flip out screen and watched it closely as her pussy contracted while releasing a gush of her own juice. He spent a few minutes writing on a notebook he carried in his pocket and the machine slowly backed away from her.

As tired as she was, her eyes were still slightly opened to make sure she was not in harm’s way. Xavier disappeared for a while through the door and came back with a cup of Mcdonald’s Coca Cola, bringing the straw to her mouth to let her drink. Unable to resist her thirst, she slurped away until it was empty and something in the drink woke her up again. Once again, her pussy was moving involuntarily, opening and closing like a squirming oyster in its shell.

Xavier pulled his underwear down and brought his dick inside her, already lubricated with her own juices and began fucking her on the chair, which she could not break free from. His dick was not much bigger than the toy that was inside earlier, but the tightness she experienced made him felt bigger than normal, and whatever fluid the machine pumped into her was still in effect. He began to pick up his pace and thrust his hips hard into her, breathing as quickly as he was moving.

There wasn’t a change in position throughout the whole ordeal as it would risked her escaping, but Xavier was in fact almost done with his ‘research’. As he neared climax, he pushed a button on the chair’s armrest and it tilted backwards until her head was dangling from the seat. Going to her mouth, he was able to ram his dick a little down her throat and yet not choke her, possibly numbed from the drink she had earlier. With her pussy still begging for attention, she knew she was getting none.

As much as she wanted it to end, something else was asking her not to let him cum. But it wasn’t much of a choice for her, since Xavier was in full control. His hips hit against her face as he continued ramming his dick down her mouth, groaning and moaning uncontrollably. Until one moment, he paused and let his pumping dick churn out the cum he had, sending it all down her throat and into her mouth. If she spit it out, it would get into her nose, and Vivian knew that, so she had no choice but to swallow everything.

Once she was done and him satisfied, he took his leave and placed a sticky patch on her arm, gradually making her feel drowsy and finally passing out. Her parents did not question her disappearance throughout the night as he used her phone to send a text, saying that she would be spending the night at her friend’s place.

It wasn’t until the next day morning when she woke up lying at a bus stop seat, clothes all neat and appeared to be untouched, but without her bra and panties. She felt as good as a goodnight’s sleep and wasn’t sure what happened that night. Recalling did not work for her as none of her memories helped. Except for a video she found in her iPhone, showing her getting ‘tortured’ with a fucking machine with no faces nor sound.

I think Vivian would still be taking the same path home, but deep down inside, wishing for something similar to happen again.

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