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Daddy had slipped a few sleeping pills into Mummy’s drink before sleep and it was only 10pm when she was in full effect of the drug. Dressed in her usually sleeping dress, her pussy was well shaved and freshly showered too. It was time for lesson.

Daddy: ‘Philip! Jenny! Come over to daddy’s room!’

They entered after knocking and were seated on their bed, unknown to what was about to come. Philip was in his teens, studying in secondary two while his sister was just one year younger, but had breasts developed for late teenagers. Nonetheless, their first lesson on sexuality was about to start and it would be the beginning of an irreversible life of incest.

Daddy: ‘I’m going to teach you two about a woman’s body and also touch a little on sex. Jenny, lie in front of Mummy’s legs and turn your head so you can see. Philip, sit here with me.’

He requested Jenny to touch herself where he touched Mummy and Philip would only start a while later. Splitting her pussy lips apart, the soft folds parted and with a few adjustments, her clit was in view of their children. Jenny followed suit and spread her legs, until she could split the delicate folds of her virgin pussy as well.

Daddy: ‘Touch yourself on this button.’

He went to Mummy’s clit and placed his finger on it, before massaging it in circular motion. Her body shifted a little but was still in slumber. Jenny, on the other hand, felt a sensation of pleasure for the first time in her life and she kept touching it for as long as Daddy did it. Daddy led Philip’s finger to the clit too and asked him to find it on his sister. Going between Jenny’s legs, he spotted the button with her hands still holding her pussy lips apart, and massaged it with his finger as well.

Jenny: ‘Daddy, why does it feel different when kor kor touches me?’

It felt better than touching herself in fact, and with a few words, he explained that ‘it always feel better when someone you trust a lot, touches there‘. They nodded and Daddy moved on. He focused at the entrance of the vagina and pushed the flesh around it as far as he could on Mummy’s pussy, until the hole was visible. It wasn’t really a hole, but an entrance.

With some help from Philip, Jenny managed to do the same and Daddy asked her to guide his brother’s finger to plug it, to prevent it from closing.

Daddy: ‘This is the hole where a penis belong in.’
Jenny: ‘Penis?’
Philip: ‘Penis is a guy’s pee hole. I learnt it in school.’

He smiled in agreement and asked Philip to lie down. Jenny got up with a pull from her father’s hand and the guys removed their pants. In front of her was two penises, also known as dicks. Daddy took Mummy’s hand and placed it on his own dick, and stroked up and down.

Daddy: ‘Philip, you know how to masturbate?’

A nod cleared Daddy’s guess about his ‘personal time’ and he placed Jenny’s hand around his son’s dick. Without any instruction, she moved her hand up and down and the principle of ‘it feels better when someone you trust touches you’ was proven. It felt too good to stop and Philip reluctantly let her sister’s hand go when Daddy pulled her away.

Daddy: ‘Jenny, come lie beside mummy.’

She laid right next to her in her arms and Daddy took both her knees to her hands. Mummy’s legs were raised as well and Philip went between his sister’s legs.

Daddy: ‘Remember how to find the hole?’

Philip nodded and took a sharp breath of air as he understood that he would be having sex for the first time in his life. He took his dick and placed it at the opening, but did not move until Daddy asked him to. Daddy did the same to Mummy and the two guys were in position. Daddy took Jenny’s hands to his son’s biceps and asked her to hold it tight if she felt pain. The pain would be imminent, but only temporary.

On the count of three, they shoved their dicks into the respective girls and Jenny groaned in pain, while Philip kept pushing. As a back up, Daddy took a tube of lubricant and squeezed a 20c blob onto her clit, which flowed down over Philip’s dick to aid the entry. In no time, both of them was inside a pussy and held their movements.

Daddy: ‘Philip, start moving your hips back and forth, not your body.’

He started sliding his dick in and out of his sister and Daddy did the same, but with more force. Jenny did not understand a bit of the new found emotion and was looking lost but in enjoyment. The pain went away and it felt all better for her.

Jenny: ‘Daddy, it feels good!’
Philip: ‘Yeah! Me too!’
Daddy: ‘Keep going until you feel like shooting. Do NOT shoot yet.’

They went on with their virgin sex class and Jenny moaned like crazy in the lust filled room. As it was Philip’s first time inside a pussy, he did not managed to last as long and pulled out before Daddy was done. But Daddy did not take long too, since his two kids were waiting for him.

Daddy: ‘Philip, lie down on the bed and let Jenny suck your penis.’

Jenny, not knowing what was a blowjob, went to suck her brother’s dick and moved her head with some pushing of Daddy’s hand. Finally, Philip signalled to the both of them that he was shooting and it splashed into Jenny’s mouth, which she held every drop of it and had not swallowed yet.

Daddy: ‘Jenny, once kor is done, I want you to show me what is in your mouth.’

Philip finished with shooting his load and her sister raised her head to show Daddy what was inside.

Daddy: ‘Good. Now, swallow it. It’s good for health.’

She did as asked and a little frown appeared on her face.

Jenny: ‘Medicine always taste bad but it’s good for health. It’s the same thing right Daddy?’

He did not reply but pulled out of Mummy when he was about to cum too. He laid beside Mummy on the other side and asked Jenny to do the same for him. For her first blowjob, it felt great with her innocence and lack of skills, but her willingness to learn turned Daddy on even more. Her small body with huge boobs were in development for a fine young lady and her long natural brown hair made her look even more tempting.

A gush of cum shot into her mouth and she slapped away on his thighs while it filled her mouth up. Almost bursting out of her mouth, Daddy was done and raised her chin to him. She opened carefully not to let any drip onto the bed and swallowed after Daddy approved. It took her two gulps to finish his load and the children sat on the bed resting.

Philip went to her pussy to massage on the clit to take away some of the soreness she was complaining about and Daddy was once again, back inside Mummy.

Daddy: ‘Don’t tell Mummy about this k? She will get angry cause she will think you two are too young for this. But it’s good for you. Now, go back to your room and sleep. If you want to do it again, you must let Daddy know – this applies to the both of you. Understand?’

The two obedient kids nodded and went back to their rooms, naked from their waist down. Daddy went for another round and sneaked into Jenny’s side of the room, to let her have another shot of his precious cum before she fell into sleep, one that was so needed after that intense night.

Part 1 | Part 2

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