Secret Admirer

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A few days after Nicole received her vibrator, another package arrived at her mailbox and she managed to pick it up while she was checking for her other blogshop purchase. Feeling confused, she felt the package through the brown wrapping paper but was unable to make out what it was. As soon as she got home, a penknife slid across the top and a set of normal pink panties with some lacing at the edges were contained in it, along with some semi-hard objects at the base where her pussy will be in contact with.

Upon opening a little flap, she squeezed the device out and it was a bullet vibrator, in a shiny plastic casing. Apart from that she could only make out the little button at the back of it, similar to her dildo she received a few days earlier, which vibrated once it was clicked. Unsure of what or how the device would work, she just kept it aside and peeped into the envelope again, taking out a card that was in a contrasting white.

A little thank you gift from your friendly neighbour, 9276****

She realised that it might not be the same company that she ordered from, but the word ‘thank you’ could mean that he might have caught her during those times at the stairs or somewhere. No matter how hard she thought, there was no one or any chances that she could recall that someone could have spotted her.

Nicole packed everything back into the brown bag and kept it aside, while pondering if she should give the number a message, just to find out where it came from. Going back to her nap, she slept for a while before her parents called out to her for dinner, which they had planned to head out for a good meal given her good O levels result.

She picked a plain white shirt to put on over her navy coloured bra and a pair of elastic waist band skirt that looked normal in every angle. And under that skirt, the panties that arrived earlier came to her mind and she took it out to put it on. The little toy between her legs felt somewhat weird, but it did not cause her to be in any discomfort. A few minutes later and they were out of house and onto a bus.

Coincidentally, a familiar face had also came aboard, someone she recognised from her neighbourhood. But Nicole could not remember which block she saw him before, and there was no hint or eye contact that made her suspect it was him who gave her that toy. The bus started moving after they got on and right as she sat down behind her parents, the vibrator set itself off and the position it was in, was right between her soft pussy lips.

Nicole leaned harder onto her seat and raised her knees to lock it against her parents’ seat. Of course, they did not give her that face which other people might give had they been anal about being kicked in the back. The vibrator was working so well, with no buzzing noises and the speed of it was just right for her. She wasn’t expecting it to be giving her orgasms, but kept her relaxed and horny, which was something nice for the fifteen minutes trip.

The ride went on with all the stops, and even a little jam at certain parts. Nicole’s hand was between her legs and under her skirt, which looked decent since her knees were higher and there was no one around who could spot her. Pausing at a traffic light, the vibrator suddenly went two speed faster and a yelp just came out of her mouth. Luckily, her parents were talking and did not hear it, but she could feel her pussy getting much wetter and juices were absorbed by the panties. She knew an orgasm would come but it was only a matter of time.

As she did not have a bag with her, she could not remove her panties. The minute wait at the traffic finally pushed her body to the limits and she pushed the toy harder onto her pussy as her reached climax. Her head had rested on her arm which she placed over her knees. The usual shiver she got was much meeker than usual in that seated position but her face was flushed to a warmth. Estimating a five minutes before they reach their stop, she tried to slow down her breathing to calm herself down. But it was no easy feat with the vibrator tuned down one speed.

Just three minutes away, the roads were suddenly cleared and the vibrator abruptly stopped. Right then, a SMS came into her phone and the vibrator buzzed at a familiar pulse, something like what she had heard whenever a phone is placed near a speaker. Her neighbour who was sitting in front got up and walked towards to rear of the bus, and while he passed her seat, a simple black rectangular plastic box was dropped beside her, with three buttons with arrows and a letter ‘P’ on it.

She immediately looked at him and picked the controller up. Looking at the back of it, she saw a message that read,

The panties can be activated by this controller, or phone radiation from messages or calls. Hope you like it.

She reached her stop and her dad called out to her, giving her a shock and she quickly got up, walking behind her parents going down the steps of the double decker. A smile appeared on her face as she looked at him who was also smiling in return.

The dinner was enjoyed not just on her palette, but also from the messages her phone was receiving. That night, a first text was sent to her thoughtful neighbour and it was a simple but powerful message,

Nicole (SMS): ‘Your girl-next-door wants you to know that you are the first person to give me an orgasm without actually touching.’

Of course, he had to reply this gorgeous little girl, who had masturbated at the stairs outside his residence.

Neighbour (SMS): ‘And your neighb here reply, hope to see you often at my area. :)’

Although they only texted each other whenever she was going over to his location, they had a bond that was part magical, part special. While he could have phone sex with her whenever she wanted, she knew the frequent texting would be more than she could handle. Needless to say, that pair of panties became her favourite.

Part 1Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8

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