Turning Point

Anne was lying on the bed almost falling asleep as her photographer, Allen struggled to take a decent shot he wanted. Slowly, she drifted into sleep and felt no more movements on the bed where he was on. A tiny hard plastic piece of toy was felt under the sheets, and it stopped between her legs, still tightly clamped together. It began vibrating after a while and she remained still as her pussy slowly leaked juices out onto her panties.

The erotic part was finally coming into the photoshoot and Allen was on track to get the effects he wanted. After he spoke ‘done‘, she sat up and kneeled on the bed as he instructed. Once the shutter sounds fired, she was brought into her own pace and mood, reaching into her panties with one hand and the other worked on the buttons of her translucent white top. The movements of her masturbating hand got more obvious by the minutes and the frequency of the shutter increased as well.

As the juices overflowed in her soaked panties down her legs, Allen was grinning at his achievements and was proud too. The buttons came off automatically and she changed her position to lie against the headboard of the bed. Her panties were tugged down her legs and her cute juvenile pussy was in full view of the camera. The wetness had created a smooth glistering texture and she pierced the toy into her slit.

Allen: ‘Hold on hold on. Let me get a few more shots.’

Anne could not hold out any longer, but the shoot was the main agenda. His hand reached for the plastic bullet and he held it against her clit for her. She knew what to do and shifted her hands to take over the toy. The buzzing sound became the only sound in the room and she began moaning as well.

Anne: ‘Can I put it in now?’

That question interrupted his careful review of the photos taken so far. Allen nodded and she guided the toy slowly into her pussy, letting the camera capture her sexuality at the more vulnerable. Allen took over the toy and pushed it inside, making her close her legs immediately as the toy increased in speed. She unclipped the front buckle of her bra and he reached for her nipples, twisting them while the toy went deeper.

Anne’s hands went for his pants and undid the belt, going all the way until his dick was pointing at her. It had gotten too far to a point she was not prepared, but wanted it so badly. She pulled him by his dick to her mouth and she sucked on it skilfully, working her head back and forth down his shaft, coating it in saliva. He was also moving his hips, driving himself a little deeper into her small mouth. After a while, he pulled himself away and she adjusted her position to lie flat on the bed.

He changed to a compact camera for convenience and proceeded on with snapping pictures of their unintended session. He went back between her legs and lifted them open. She removed the toy and covered her eyes with part of the blanket, shying away from what was about to happen.

Allen set his camera in video mode and placed it next to the bed, unknown to Anne. He guided his dick to her entrance and took his time to penetrate into her, while she expressed a painful face before him. Slowing down, he moved his body gently, only using the first few inches to warm her up before going in deeper. As he got to full depth, the speed hastened and she grabbed the edges of the pillow in shock, moaning in ecstasy while his dick filled her up strokes after another.

With his hands free, the camera was in place on top of her and filming, recording her body jerks and moans while he rammed away. Her hands changed to her pair of soft white breasts and kneaded them while he pumped his dick away. A few minutes later, he exited and flipped her to doggie, resuming the pounding shortly and driving her wild wild wet. Her voice were those cutesy, soft ones and it just kept making him harder and bigger.

Anne: ‘Shall we try another position?’

Why not? Allen stopped in his tracks and let her bring him to the bed, lying flat with his legs together. With the camera resting on his chest, she climbed over him and let her pussy devour his meat, sinking it into her gapping wetness. Once her pussy ate most of the length to the base of his groin, Allen felt his tip getting pushed into a corner and the sensitivity at that area were heightened. With that, she began grinding her hips against him and the moaning got louder than before.

In seconds, she exclaimed, ‘cumming!‘ and she froze momentarily, letting her pussy contract to the maximum and only moved in minute movements. Allen knew she was in the midst of an orgasm and he rose his hips, in short and fast actions, further stimulating her G-spot. The sighing of pleasure got more serious into groans of agony but it was merely an overdrive for her. The stream of juices leaking out of her tunnel continued and Allen brought her to his chest.

Once done, he bent his knees to thrust in high-speed into her pussy until he was about to cum. Unable to move in fear of ejaculating inside, he whispered, ‘I’m cumming’ and Anne delicately removed herself from him. Now, what would be happening?

She took the camera from his outstretched arm, and laid on the bed.

Anne: ’69.’

That was all she said. She turned herself to face her pussy at his mouth and took his dick into her mouth again, sucking and forcing her head as deep as she could. The camera was placed between his legs, in front of her blowjob, still recording whatever it could capture. Allen took the chance to lick her up nicely and tried to get as much juice as he could out of her. With her pussy grinding at his face, he could feel how well his dick was taken care of, and on top of that, a video taken in another perspective was in the work.

Unable to hold himself back any further, the meat pipe finally gave way and shot the doses of cum into her throat, which she then moved her mouth to only the tip and teased it with her tongue, making him fire all the milky white protein he had. At last, the cum collected in her mouth was almost done and she pushed her head down for the last time, sealing her lips tightly around the girth, and sucked hard while exiting the dick.

She fell to the sides and Allen got up to take the camera to capture a few pictures of the cum-filled mouth of hers, before the video continued to capture her swallow. As tired as he was, he got off the bed and dressed after washing up in the toilet, careful to keep his camera with him at all times in case she tried to delete anything.

Allen: ‘The remaining time is yours to rest.’
Anne: ‘Can I keep the toy?’

He smiled at her and pushed the toy between her closed legs, right at her pussy. Taking his belongings, he left her alone and the moans echoed out into the corridor while he waited for the lift.

What a ‘shoot’ he had today.

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