P to P

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Something that Nicole had always wanted to try had been on most girls’ minds, but she knew it was the one chance she had, reserved for her future husband. During those quiet but intense nights, the fantasies that her mind played were always stopped by the lack of experience of having sexual intercourse. She knew that the day she would be truly satisfied could be after marriage. On top of that, the possibility that her husband might not be as good as she had expected also placed her traditional mindset in doubt. What if he preferred someone more experienced? Would he be patient enough to teach her? Those were the helpless thoughts that she knew would not be easy to handle when the time comes.

Browsing on her laptop like any normal day, the first few pages she would go was her bookmarked sex toy store, and another item had been teasing her curiosity – Strap-on dildo. As the description stated, it was to be worn by a female and used on another female, or male. It did sound a little painful when she imagined the guy being the recipient of it, but it would be an opposite sensation if someone used it on her. Having that inside of her would not be considered as having sex right?

A doubtful call to her neighbour, Keith, clarified her thoughts and he promised to pick that toy up for her, with him being the user. It did not take long for him to get back to her about the strap on that was designed for males. As she had nothing on that very evening, they planned to meet at his stairs and she could not be more excited to see what he had up his sleeves.

Keith took the dildo out from a bag and instead of a flat base at the end of the rubber toy, it had a vagina-like opening. One he would put his dick in, and insert the rubber end into her. In a way, she would still remain a virgin, but able to feel a dick or at least something resembling it.

Nicole then removed her FBTs and pulled her shirt a little lower, while Keith stripped his pants off and put his saliva-lubricated dick into the rear of the toy, before wrapping the complex loops around his legs. In less than two minutes, he was ready and she was as well, just with that bit of fear and confusion.

She leaned herself against the wall at the side, and opened her legs wide enough for him. Keith then closed in on her body, and held the soft rubber tip to point at her pussy, which she had held apart for him. With a bit of saliva rubbed on it, he began to guide the tip into her, which she reacted by holding his arms. Nicole felt her pussy being forced apart, though it was very gentle and slow, the inescapable pain could not be ignored and she tried hard to cope with it. Every now and then, he would stop to ask her but she just could not resist the temptation of a full length dildo inside.

It took some time for the dildo to be fully buried in her pussy, and even more time for her to get used to the size of it. After a while, she gave him the cue to continue and Keith commenced the slow thrusts of his hips, dipping the toy deep into her. By design, the toy could be bent quite easily and that helped Nicole in accustoming to the length, which her vagina was desperately trying to push out. The tightness had made Keith felt even better and he just started moving faster with every contraction, finally going into what he deemed as ‘full speed’.

Nicole’s moans got louder as he rammed deeper, but the rain that started falling helped to drown her voice till it was very much negligible. Keith was feeling as good as she was, while he pumped her with all his might, giving her the unforgettable first sexual orgasm which really threw her off the steps and had to hang onto him.

The dildo had been pushed out and her body had gone into a full fledged fit, thrashing around in his arms. No doubt he was taken by surprise at her body’s reaction, but the sight of juices flowing down the steps was a spectacular one. Most of the ‘toy test’ session was spent trying to get her to calm down, but she still wanted another round. Why not? The fake pussy that was built into Keith’s end of the toy was pleasurable as well.

He placed her at the lower steps of the stairs and he got on top of her, before sliding the dildo in easily. Without wasting any time, he started pounding into her exhausted pussy and the slight trembles that she was still having showed him how good she was feeling. Moving his hips at full speed, he held her waist firmly against himself and thrust even harder, and reaching deeper into her. Slowly, the shivers from Nicole grew into a tremble, and then increased in intensity to a convulsion before going into a dangerous fit.

Although he saw her eyes turning white, he knew she could handle much more and just kept ramming the dildo, until his body gave in and shot his load into the rubber tube. Still connected by the toy, he picked her up in his arms and hugged her tightly, while her body thrashed around, giving him a test of his ability to hold her down. While he kept his dick inside of her, it ultimately slipped out as her body kept moving, but she was recovering as well.

A ten minutes cuddle was all she took to end the crazy fit, and her body was just lifeless in his arms. He placed her down onto the steps and removed the cum-filled strap on, emptying it into the drains before putting it back into the bag. Looking at Nicole laying peacefully without response to his call. He decided to do something despicable but could go unnoticed if she was really out.

He walked to her and stopped over her head, before squatting down and holding her head up. He pushed his dripping dick into her mouth and Nicole was no silly girl either. She realised what was about to happen and closed her teeth shut. Keith screamed and quickly stood up, forgetting that her teeth was still holding onto his meat stick. The pain worsened and he flung his palm at her, which she stopped by raising her arm to block him and granted him a kick to get him away from her.

She got up and grabbed her shorts along the toy in the bag, making her way down his block. While in the lift, another precautionary move that someone told her about, came to her mind and she quickly sent a text to Keith.

Nicole (Whatsapp): ‘Fucker, I am going to report this to the police. I have evidence of you trying to rape me.’

Keith regretted almost immediately and was overwhelmed by fear. He basically had nothing against her, since he cleared his messages before meeting her, in case his girlfriend found out about his activities. She went to her block and sat under it, proud of her self-defence move that she remembered – the bite and a threat. By then, she had wore her shorts back earlier in the lift and was excited about what happened. Ignoring the continuous stream of messages from Keith, she scrolled along the list of conversations on her Kik app and found who she wanted.

Nicole (Kik): ‘Jey. I am sorry for meeting a guy. He tried to do something to me and I remembered what you told me. I bit and threatened him. Thank you for your advice.’

Expecting Jey not to reply after she told him that she met someone apart from him, she felt disappointed in herself and worried that she might even lose Jey as a friend. For that few hours on bed, she could only think of him and cried as she placed herself in unneeded dangerous situations. No one would not blame girls for jerks doing nasty things to them, but they are the very ones who blame themselves more than others could imagine.

Right before she slept, an urge to get Jey’s attention came about and she had to tell someone about what happened and he seemed to be the only one who cared.

Nicole (Kik): ‘I am sorry.’

She then saw him read her messages and was slightly more awake.

Jey (Kik): ‘Glad to know you’re fine. He deserved it.’
Nicole (Kik): ‘T.T’
Jey (Kik): ‘Shhh.. don’t cry little princess. Let’s meet tomorrow? Then you can tell me your long story.’

A silly smile made a feel better and she bid goodnight before falling asleep in the next few minutes.

While girls risk everything to meet someone out of their usual social circle, there are just some guys out there who would ruin their innocent intentions. They might be meeting for sexual fun, but that few would often forget that without them, they would not get their share of pleasure as well. So while you dress up to meet an opposite sex for that kind of fun, her decent or even more conservative attire is all she can do to protect that bit of modesty. Whether or not she gives you what you wanted, it would be up to her to decide how much you deserved.

No matter how inconvenient she is dressed, if everything went well (note: don’t even have to be great), she can get as convenient as she wants herself to be. So, pass the first test, and you will get the rewards you might not even be able to handle. After all, girls deserve to be treated like queens and princesses.

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