(M whispered) ‘hey baby.. ‘

Before I could even say a word, I felt her fingers digging into my boxers for the morning erection that was bulging from under. It only took her three seconds to stick it through the (unbuttoned) fly and pop it into her mouth, that garnered an exasperated groan from my unprepared body.

As she slowly slid her lips down my shaft, I could only clench my fists until it was time for her to ‘go up’. Immediately after that, she went down again and repeated the whole cycle, diminishing the strength I had gathered from a good night of sleep.

Throughout her slow, sensual blowjob, I was groaning in so much pleasure from drifting in and out of agony, caused by the slowness in her ‘descend’.

(M whispered) ‘come.. sit up for me.. turn to the side.. ‘

She climbed out of bed and helped me sit upright in her direction, drooping my legs over the length of the bed. My legs were then spread apart as she kneeled between them, resuming her blowjob shortly after.

This time, instead of making the arduous ‘up-down’ movement, she was sucking me in the ‘back-forth’ angle, which eased the strain on her neck. Not only did she went a little faster, her other hand was fondling my hanging testicle non-stop.

My cycle of lust and desperation lasted for a long while until she decided to wrap her fingers around the bottom-section of my shaft, which she knew was a killer-move for me. In no time, my mind was overwhelmed with the sensation of a vaginal, which can not be possible when she was obviously using her mouth.

It seemed, that the combination of a savlia-filled mouth and a set of agile, nimble hands managed to replicate, and even outperform a vaginal penetration.

My body, took little time to succumb to her amazing skill and forced me to hold her still before I came.

‘I’m cumming soon. Where do you.. OH FUCK!’

M shoved her face straight into my groin halfway through my question and nullified any doubts, about pumping my cum right inside where my dick was. For a moment, I thought I felt her grin (on my cock) when I collapsed onto the bed, limbs sprawled open in utter exhaustion.

As usual, she swallowed all of it and curled herself up next to me, massaging my softening manhood with one hand.

‘You should shower before eating.’

Five minutes was all I had before she dragged me out of bed, into the toilet where I was stripped and then doused with warm water. I was shampooing my hair when she joined me unexpectedly, taking charge of my body by soaping me neck down. With two pairs of hands, things moved pretty quickly and I was clean-and-dry in under ten, but not before she went down on me again.

Just as I thought her hand-mouth combo couldn’t get any better, she actually outdone herself within two ‘sessions’. Right before my eyes, she alternated her mouth and hand at a 2:5 ratio, building up my urge at an unimaginable rate.

If I was ‘relaxed’ and ‘constantly drained’ in bed, this was an exact opposite. For as long as she went down on me, my toes cramped up, my knees wobbled non-stop, my thighs twitched so unnaturally, but my hands were right behind her head, ‘asking’ for more.

Once she got tired, I thrust my hips shallow enough not to choke her, and maintained a comfortable speed until I was about to blow (again).

‘M.. M? I’m think I’m going to.. ‘

Right there and then, she retracted her neck and left me throbbing in mid-air. She did nothing else except getting out of shower and going back into my room, where a fresh set of clothes was waiting.

‘C’mon. Let’s get dressed.’

She got dressed first and I was asked not to put on anything so she could do it for me. My shirt, was the only thing she put over me since she was back in bed, mouth over my cock to revive my earlier erection. Things couldn’t get any harder especially when I was left hanging just minutes ago.

I was at a size that she accidentally choked on when she tried to deep throat me. After experiencing that discomfort, it was her hands that appeased me, until a much bigger orgasm arrived at my door.

‘M.. ‘

(She asked) ‘Are you cumming?’

‘Yes.. just.. keep going and I will.. I will.. ‘

Immediately, she took her hands away and left me ‘bouncing’ again, and there was nothing I could do about it. I had not forgotten what I agreed on the previous night, to let her do whatever she wants.

Half-naked, I ate my breakfast alone (in bed) since she had already eaten, but apparently not full enough to keep interrupting me with her deep throat-ing teases. Yes, I had to chew while she toyed with my penis.

Once I was done, I got properly dressed and we made our way to the theatres. In there, while she got to spend the entire ninety minutes watching the movie, I was gasping and fidgeting to her hand in my pants, in the (un)luckily empty cinema.

After a peaceful meal at Swensen’s, we did a little shopping, people-watching-from-Starbucks, until it was time to send her home. On the long bus ride, she did the same thing with her hand and kept blue-balling me, all the way till we reached her bus stop.

When she led me to the block we once got ‘too carried’ away, she went down on me again. Unlike the other times, she let me hold her head and thrust to my heart’s content, although I was careful not to overdo it.

In the end, I poured a bigger-than-ever load into her mouth to end the day on the best terms. Without any mess, we went our separate ways but I stuck around her place, just to catch a glimpse of her in a sexy one-piece mini-dress she wore to meet her friends at Stickies.

Guess who came over drunk and had raw, wild sex with me?

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