We maid Love

‘Viki, you know you don’t have to do this right?’

‘Yes sir. I just want to make up for my mistake.’

She stepped into the bathroom where I had just taken a shower, and used the fluffy towel to dry me thoroughly in the most pampering manner. After that, she folded the towel a few times into halves before laying it at my feet, getting onto her knees with a look of gratitude.

‘Viki.. ‘

Without wasting a second more, she wrapped her fingers around my cock and put her mouth over it, sucking as she moved my foreskin back and forth. In less than a minute, I was fully erected in her mouth, head getting dizzy from the soft pair of lips trailing along my shaft. Throughout the whole time, she just remained as quiet as she could while letting the suction create its own noise, sounding both wet and sloppy.

Once I started groaning, she let go off her hand and added the use of her tongue, savouring the sensitive underside of my cock to the louder, more exasperating-sounding grunts.

After five minutes, she replaced her mouth with one of her hands and used the other to fondle my balls, which was honestly a ‘killer’ move. Barely two minutes later, I was begging for her to stop and she knew that it was time for some ‘deep-skin’ activity.

Holding my hand, she led me into the master bedroom I sleep in and laid me gently down onto my back. Once she had tied her hair up, she was back between my legs and sucking me dry, all done without any signs of reluctance.

‘Viki.. you know that I don’t blame you for whatever you’ve done right? You are young and, I would even say, good looking. I’m sure you can.. haaa.. oh my god.. ‘

I could tell that I was deep into her throat when she gagged, though it was only twice before I stopped her. It seemed so natural for her when she straddled over my lap, thereafter sliding on her butt to my groin.

Using one hand to guide my cock into her pussy, she cringed really hard as she sighed the words ‘I know’ during penetration. All of a sudden, youthful energy filled up the weary, young soul, unleashing the wrath of her moist, soft-yet-tight pussy slamming down on my cock.

I was as hard and as tight as she was, forever implanting the vivid scene of my unforgiving dick splitting her right in the middle, regardless of her mood. She was just bouncing faster and faster until I could hear her exhaustion, which I then rolled us onto her back so I could have my turn too.

Plunging my hips straight down into her pussy, she managed to catch her scream with a pillow before it caused any disturbance. Since she was muffled, I had full reign to go as deep as I could, as fast as I liked, or as slowly as she didn’t like.

(Viki moaned) ‘Sir.. I can’t take it anymore.’

(As I panted) ‘You came already?’

‘Yes sir. Just.. a few seconds ago.. ‘

‘Ok.. I’m cumming soon.. I can’t take it anymore too.. ‘

My hips did the rest of the work pounding her limp, groaning body, slipping my cock into her erratically-contracting vagina until I was cramping up in my thighs. At the final moment, I pulled out of her pussy and tucked it into her hand, thrusting until I sprayed my load over her belly and palm.

After the intense, mind-blowing session, I unknowingly fell asleep and left her to tidy up our mess. But when I wake, I know that she will not be too far from me.

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