Unwanted Help

(Whispering softly) ‘kor.. kor! I need your help.. ‘

I was fairly certain I still had more than half the night to sleep when my sister woke me up frantically, worrying me with the state of urgency.

‘What happened?’

‘Umm.. I need you to take something out for me.’

‘What is it?’

Without saying a word, she grabbed my arms and pulled my upper-body off the bed, only to lie in my pillow with her legs around me.

(I asked impatiently) ‘What is it you want?’

‘It’s something inside me.. can you turn on the lights?’

Wondering if a doctor might be of more help, I turned the lights on nonetheless and watched her strip the pair of FBTs off. Not only was she not wearing any underwear, the source of her concern was at a place I wasn’t supposed to even look at.

(Sister whispered) ‘korrrr.. just take a look.. ‘

‘Ok ok! I’m looking at it now. What do you want me to see?’

‘Not see.. help me take out the jade egg inside me.’

‘Seriously? A jade egg?’


Refusing to let her take up any more of my precious sleep, I ‘dove’ into the issue and immediately encountered my first obstacle. For one, she was as dry as a dessert, and two, I didn’t have (nor needed) any lubricant. She too, could feel the ‘tug of dryness’, and suggested to use her saliva.

After sucking on two of my fingers, I tried to enter her a few more times before she got wet on her own. Somehow, it took me that long to realise that I had to break her in the same way any girls tried to use two fingers. So, I retracted one finger and did a few dips into her pussy, until she was gasping and moaning in.. pleasure.

When I finally managed to get two fingers in, the smoothness of the egg proved to be too slippery for me to get any grip. Still, I kept trying until she placed her fingers on her clit.

‘kor.. can I touch myself while you.. ‘

‘hey wait! if you climax, maybe the egg will get pushed out? I can help pull it out.’

‘Oh ya! Let’s try that!’

With that ‘stupid’ idea, my naive ass actually fingered her until she achieved orgasm, that worked fine in the beginning until her opening was too tight to let the egg out. By the time she recovered from that first orgasm, she was in a completely different mood than before.

While I treasured my sleep, I couldn’t deny the erection that was awakened by her moans, which sounded extremely sexy when we were supposed to be very quiet. It was then I came up with the crazy idea of sticking a finger up her ass, to help ‘push’ the egg out from inside.

Using saliva from both of us, she was finally relaxed enough to let my pinky into her anus, while my index and middle gouged her pussy for the prize. With our combined effort, the next orgasm brought the egg close enough to her entrance for my pinky to push out, popping out of her like a pingpong ball from a canon.


Before I could relax, she lunged towards my groin and grabbed hold of the obvious erection, throbbing wildly in her palm. None of us said a word when she lowered my boxers, and pulled me close with her legs around me.

‘hey.. there is no turning back you know?’

‘uh huh.. we have already come so far.. ‘

I kept my eyes on her as I lowered my hips toward her pussy, that engulfed me so easily in her well-toned vaginal walls. Like clockwork, I pumped my cock swiftly and gently and carefully into her, loving her beyond any brothers would.

The both of us held ourselves back for as long as we could, fucking in silence for over twenty minutes until she began to lose control of her body.

(As she panted) ‘kor.. I’m gonna.. come.. so hard.. ‘

Shortly after her warning, her pussy collapsed on me and I fell backwards from the sensitivity, just in time to spray my load all over her belly. Out of nowhere, she suddenly swiped my cum downward towards her pussy and fingered herself with it, shocking my heart to a stop for a second.

‘Korrr.. I’m on the pill.. you didn’t have to pull out.’

‘What? Still! We’re related by blood!’

After we cleaned up, she showed herself out but before she shut the door on me, she just had one more thing to say.

‘Kor. Actually I can take the egg out myself. But thanks for helping!’


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