Force Fucked

‘Kor.. I can’t sleep. Can I lie with you?’

‘Sure. I can’t sleep too.’

‘Is it because of that night?’

‘I think so.’

My sister crawled into my arms and we laid in a spooning position, both of us silent as we reluctantly recalled what happened that night, on a trip to Malaysia.

My sister’s (female) friend had asked if she wanted to join her for her ‘fuel run’, and she in turn, invited me along to keep them safe. Everything was going smoothly when that friend made a wrong turn, driving us into a private housing estate, which none of us had a map to get out of.

After making a few more unhelpful turns, we ended up in a dead end that finally screwed us when an unmarked car drove up behind us. In a flash, they had smashed our windows, and doused us in some chemical they sprayed blindly into our car, knocking all of us out.

When I came to, the first thing I heard was the loud, hysterical screaming voice that belonged to the friend. My eyes, upon adjusting to the darkness, revealed my cuffed wrists attached to a collar around my sister’s neck, made worse by the blindfold over her eyes. There, in the corner of the the dimly-lit, wooden shed, a man stood motionless with a finger on his lips, my warning to not make a sound.

(Masked man said) ‘You can suck the dick in front of you now.’

My sister shuddered at his command but did as asked, grasping the approximate location of my cock before sliding her lips over. Bombarded with the agonising pleas and expletives her friend was spewing in the other room, she knew better than to offend any of them, except that, I was part of their entertainment.

After a few minutes of her slow-but-sensual blowjob, the masked man then stormed over, forcefully shoving my sister’s face into my groin to deep throat me.

‘Use the collar, make sure she goes deep.’

I cupped my hands behind my sister’s head and led her into a rhythmic thrusts, gradually easing the pain in the throat. Our ‘peace’ lasted a mere few minutes when that man suddenly pulled the blindfolds off her face, freezing her in shock as we exchanged our pitiful looks.

‘HAHAHA! Sister sucking brother’s cock huh! Finish him off and we will free all of you!’

The look in my sister’s eyes suddenly turned hopeful, giving me a nod before she wrapped her hand around my shaft, bobbing her head back and forth while pumping her fist. True enough, within two minutes, I was about to cum, and I voiced that urge in case he wanted to see it.

But instead of letting me finish, he yanked her head away and unlocked the cuffs. He then shoved her onto the floor and dragged me towards her, shouting ‘now you fuck her’ before kicking the back of my knees. Just about then, the only door in the room swung open and we finally saw her friend, sprawled on the floor without any clothes on.


My sister immediately went on her knees, bending over in doggystyle for me to slip my cock into her pussy. While I had expected the sex to hurt a lot from the dryness, my penetration was surprisingly – slippery. I could not ask for better and simply rammed the life out of her, in front of the men who assumingly, had their way with her friend.

Surrounded by laughters and incomprehensible taunts, I felt her pussy getting tighter and went all out to make myself cum, only to realise that I was in ‘stamina’ mode that day. As per the men’s request, she flipped onto her back to be fucked missionary and when our eyes met (again), it no longer contained misery, but lust.



The ‘inside her’ chanting lasted as short as I took to unload my balls into my sister, who was asked to stand and ‘show’ them how much I came. Almost immediately after, the men ran out of the shed and we were left on our own, to salvage any undamaged clothes we could cover ourselves with.

On that fateful night, after returning to Singapore, the three of us just laid in my bed without catching a wink of sleep. And since then, for some reasons unknown, I, along with my sister, developed a lust for each other. As for her friend, the only way she could fall asleep was in our presence.

(Sister whispered) ‘Kor.. can you put it inside me?’


‘Yes. I’m wet for you.’

She turned around towards me and I pulled her over my body, sliding my erected cock into her pussy before we ‘rocked’ each other to bed.

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