Maid on the Steps

James was about to hand the petite, cheerful girl his pack (to offer her a cigarette) when she suddenly snatched the one he was smoking. Brushing that off as part of her cheeky nature, she took a long drag before tucking it back between his lips.

(Rina asked) ‘Had a tiring day?’

‘Yeah. Just like every day.’

She then made a 180 degrees spin before leaning her body against him, her butt landing right smack on his groin. As surprised as James was, he felt the effect of the ‘accident’.

Standing in that back-to-chest position, she took a few more puffs of his cigarette before picking up one of his hands, sliding it under and up her shirt. At that instant, he could ‘see’ his stress disappearing as his fingertips came into contact with her braless nipple, both cold and smooth to the touch.

Unwilling to discard the last-third of the cigarette, he continued exhaling smoke as she removed his hand, only to reach for his zipper.

A single tug lowered his zipper, and it took her a few more seconds to whip his cock out. Finally, he was done smoking and could use both his hands on her boobs, kneading them gently as she stroked his cock behind her.

From afar, they seemed inconspicuous, like a couple where the girl was perched lazily against her man. But ‘deep’ down under, she was slowly lowering her shorts (and panties).

The quick-witted girl then reached through her thigh-gap and (lowered) panties, for his manhood that was tucked cosily between her bum.

Positioning the tip of his cock right outside her pussy, Rina slowly slid her warm, moist vaginal lips over his shaft, engulfing him in a mix of despair and pleasure at the same time.

Even so, he was not required to do anything but let her grind her hips and thrust her waist, back and forth repeatedly against his groaning body.

As he vividly felt his cock splitting her tight vaginal walls apart, she was pried apart over and over again, spreading too wide across the cock she never saw.

After a while, she grew tired and James took control when she slowed down too much. Pumping his hips at a rhythmic pace, he created a vacuum inside her where she would ‘suck’ him back as forcefully as he pulled out, drowning themselves in euphoric pool.

To be fair, all of their clothes were intact, and unless anyone went up close to them, they were moving as discreetly as possible. It was indeed a dirty-and-nasty tryst between a helper and her man.

(James whispered) ‘Rina.. I’m gonna shoot.. ‘

(Rina whispered) ‘OK.. Take it out now.’

He pulled his cock out and watched a lit a cigarette, that went into his mouth as she got on her knees to suck him off. Somehow, the lightheadness, combined with her mind-blowing-job, pushed him so quickly over the limit that he just came without warning, into her mouth.

Not wanting to create a mess, she swallowed every drop and kept one hand in his pants to massage his cock, as he did the same to her with his free hand.

(Rina asked) ‘See you tomorrow?’

(James replied breathless) ‘Yeah. Tomorrow. Around this time.’

Who was falling into whose agenda now?

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