Unable to Disobey

‘We’re leaving first. Don’t be late for work ah!’

‘Okayyy.. ‘

For the first time, in the two weeks Siti has been with us, we were alone. And it wasn’t just ‘alone’ we were. Ever since she moved in with us, we had built a funny, casual, and yet emotionally-involved relationship, in the sense we would also listen and encourage each other. That, soon turned into a flirtatious, playful bond filled with innuendo after an outing one Sunday, opening our teenage spirits up to each other.

Two seconds after my parents left, she jumped into my lap and hissed in my neck, as if unable to disobey her master. Her hips though, were grinding back and forth as I stared listless at her, further driving her crazy with rage and impatience.

‘I’m going to eat you J.. ‘


‘Any way you want me to.’

With balls of steel, I held the hems of her shirt and pulled it off in one move, exposing her perky 34B cups for my eyes. Against her unwillingness, her breasts found their way to my mouth and there I suckled on them lovingly, until her nipples were so overfilled with sex.

(I asked) ‘Take my shorts off?’

‘Why are you so slow?!’

She helped me up and took my seat before stripping me butt naked, holding my cock with one hand while kissing it passionately. It wasn’t long until her teasing got the better of me, and I helplessly gave in to her request to fuck her.

A single trip down her throat appeased all my frustration, advancing to the deep-throat mouth-fuck that she tortured me with for over ten minutes. After smearing her lipstick, it was my turn with her and I placed her over the sofa, humping her as we re-watched Spongebob Squarepants.

As I rammed my cock deep into her vagina, she was getting unbearably tighter, all the while trembling at different intensities, like a towel getting blown on a clothesline in the wind.

‘SIR! J! I.. I can’ t take it anymore! I’m going to faint!’

‘Oh? You can faint? Huh?! Huh?! Huh?!’

Each huh represent a hard, forceful thrust that jerked her alive from her exhaustion, only to be suspended in euphoria as soon as I started pounding her.

(I asked) ‘I’m going to cum now.. OK?’

(She grunted) ‘OH YES PLEASE! YES!’

I pulled out of her and adjusted her body to balance on the headrest, face positioned around my hip level. From there, I plugged her mouth full of cock and started pumping my waist, until every drop of my cum was in her puffed-up cheeks.

After that morning, we found/ created more chances to spend time together, sometimes at the stairs, carparks, nursing room, my bedroom, budget hotels, movie theatres, and any public toilets clean enough to.

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