It wasn’t until at the beach last night, where I had a beer with Ally, that she spoke about her parents for the first time. I had known her for almost six years, as my daughter’s best friend who came over frequently to study and did things girls do together. Naturally, we got close and I grew on her, taking care of her along with my girl. In a sense, I could tell that she treated me like a second-father despite my constant reassurance that her parents were waiting for her at home.

She was raised in a single parent family, and her mum was caught in a loop where she would find a potential man, have him over on nights on end, before they would break up only for her to repeat the same cycle.

Her brother, like herself, didn’t spend much time at home, mostly only to sleep in the night and leaving house as early as possible to minimise contact with the unfamiliar men. That, was how my home became her second-home, albeit my confidence that she was safer here than elsewhere.

That night, seated on the sand, she poured her heart out and told me of how she came to desire a man like myself, with all those traits she adore. Come to think of it, she did definitely grow up into a fine, young woman whose passion in hospitality revealed the (good) treatment she wished everyone would get, despite their circumstances.

After a year of little contact with my daughter, Ally suddenly returned to our lives, involving me in more of their activities than before. This very chalet, was one of the events in her life that I was royally invited to, though mostly begged by my precious little girl to chauffeur the BBQ barang barang they couldn’t carry.

When we returned to the chalet, all of guests were enjoying themselves, ‘playing’ card games, sipping wine, and running around doing their dares. As a dad, it is only right of me to tidy up wherever they weren’t at, packing up the stuff that they were done with.

(Ally offered) ‘I’ll help you carry this. To your car right?’


The sweet lady carried the bag of kitchen utensils used for preparing the raw BBQ food and followed closely behind me, helping me to load everything into the car. As (secretly) agreed, I was to make my way home and let my daughter have the night with her friends. With a slightly dizzy head, I decided to nap for a bit in the comfort of the car before driving home.

‘Can I sit with you? I’m a little high too.’

‘Sure! ‘Nuff space?’

‘Yepp! You can actually sit closer. I don’t need much space.’

Barely ten seconds after I closed my eyes, I felt her tucking herself into my chest and as uncertain as I was, I didn’t want to make the ‘nap’ into a big deal. Soon, as my eyelids got heavier, I could no longer open my eyes to see the hand that ‘fell’ onto my crotch.

Next, squeezing motion were felt directly on my cock and I was torn between exhaustion and righteousness.

‘Al.. I’m really tired.. please stop.. ‘

The hand holding her wrist still didn’t stop her from unzipping my pants, digging her way into my boxers that I had never buttoned-close. Soon, her warm hand was massaging me so subtly that it weakened me further.

The cold air-conditioning, on top of alcohol-induced tiredness, mixed the ‘high’ with ‘comfort’ so well that I couldn’t resist anymore. Before I knew it, she took my cock out and began sucking on it, bobbing her head up and down while gently pushing her lips together.

‘Haahh.. Al.. it’s so.. so.. ‘

‘Mmm-hmm? So what?’


Immediately, she folded her fingers around the bottom of my shaft and jerked in the same direction as her lips went, literally milking me for my elixir. Once she sucked too hard for my liking, my senses flooded back to me and I instinctively lifted her head off.

(Ally asked) ‘Had enough?’

‘That was more than enough.’


Since I was seated behind the driver’s seat, close to the gearbox, there was sufficient space for her to jump onto my lap. Before I push carry her off my legs, she had caught hold of my arms and wrapped them around herself, forcefully pushing them between her opened legs for me to feel the naked, wetness under her high-waist, flare skirt.

To make matter worse, my cock, that was still erected, was positioned right onto her pussy. It took less effort for me to ‘plop’ into her pussy than her simple downward-push to get me under. In an instant, I was 3-inches inside her.

The quick witted girl leaned forward and let the rest of it slid right in, overpowering my reluctance with the ungodly pleasure of her orifice.

(I groaned) ‘Oh Al.. we shouldn’t be.. ‘

Bouncing, was she already bouncing to throw me off sanity. And to that, I would say that it worked, hearing myself grunt loudly with every thrust into her body. For efficiency, she tucked herself within mine and kept riding, clamping down on my shaft I couldn’t personally tell if I last at all.

‘Al.. bend over the gearbox.. between the front seats.. ‘

The obedient little girl did exactly as I asked and I held her waist still, jutting just my hips up and down to burying that cock deep inside. I ended up standing with my neck against the roof of the car as I doggystyle her, ramming her with such might she could no longer hold her body up.

When that happened, I laid her on seat, placed one of her feet on the front-passenger headrest, and continued plunging my cock into her womanhood. After five or so more minutes, her orgasms were taking longer to achieve but mine was right at the door.

‘Al.. I’m going to cum.’

Calmly, I pulled out of her and sat opposite her in silence, followed by the clumsy rotation of her body to place her face at my groin.

‘You are going to seal the deal?’

‘You mean like this (pointing to my dick) is the deal, and my lips, is the seal?’

With that, she took me into her mouth again and sucked the life out of me in the most graceful manner, unhurried, careful, stimulating, and in general, wholesomely. My urge was slowly lured out into the open, with its full vigour, for an exciting journey in her mouth before the warm, thick cum spilled onto her tongue.

It just kept squirting and squirting, without that excruciating pressure (or void) to interrupt. My senses regained normality like the passengers of a roller coaster coming to a relief at the end of the ride. Peaceful, rejuvenating and complete.

‘Daddy, can I come visit when Vivian is not around? I can wear something light and flowy.’

By then, her phone was bombarded with so many messages that she could no longer ignore them, returning after wiping her mouth clean.

Just as I started the engine, I heard a knock on the window and saw Rebecca, the hardworking, silent teammate whenever the girls had a group project.

‘Vivian said that you are going home. So I followed you to your car. Can you send me home?’

‘Did you see what happened?’

‘Uh huh. But I won’t tell anyone.. if you can help me.’

We spent most of the journey in silence until we turned into her street, where she directed me to an industrial building. There, we found a handicapped toilet rightfully empty at such wee hours. To my surprise, she initiated the whole thing by stripping down to nothingness, before doing the same for herself.

Seriously? A dad bod with good (or questionable?) personality is that attractive? Needless to say, she got home an hour later than expected.

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