Made-up Sex

(Jake asked) ‘Is everything alright?’

‘Uh huh.. ‘

The demure, innocent girl he once knew had suddenly turned into a huntress as Diane lunged onto him, making out with him intensely as she groped her way down to his groin. Taken aback by her sudden change in mood, he was still processing the possibilities when she started undoing his pants.

In a flash, before he could made any sense, she was already stroking his manhood to a full-on erection, that swiftly went down on in the fastest hand-to-mouth transition ever. Standing in front of the door he just shut behind them, his mind was instantly blown to pieces over and over again as she made long, deep strokes up and down his shaft, a move which they had experimented only once a long time ago.

Descending into a mix of pleasure and agony, his legs turned jelly at every jab into her warm, wet mouth that seemed to be insatiable. A few seconds after she went ‘all out’ on him, he began hearing moans, caused by her fingers that was thrusting rapidly into her pussy. In that few short minutes, he had seen so many firsts that he no longer knew who she was, first, being so enthusiastic about intimacy, and then taking her own sexually pleasure into her own fingers.

The more she gagged going deep throat on him, the better he felt, but there was that one, tiny, constant tug at his heartstrings, as if there was something bigger than all that were happening.

‘Diane.. can you.. ahhh.. slow down for.. for a bit.. ahh.. ‘

Her incessant, forced-blowjob finally began to slow down, to a stop that wasn’t quite what he imagined she paused for. It was so she could hustle him to the bed and proceed to pounce atop his semi-clothed body. No only was she absurdly wet, she was so tight that he no longer wanted a break.

The moment he was in, she was on. Bouncing and riding her brains out, he was barely catching up with his breaths. It felt so right and wrong at the same time, having his manhood teased in such a perfect environment.

It wasn’t until five minutes later did she paused out of exhaustion, as well to explain what was going on.

‘Jake.. please don’t get angry with me for telling you this. There was one night where I was so horny, and helpless without you around, that I texted my ex.. ‘

At that point, the both of them felt his cock twitch, hinting at an outcome she might not want to know.

‘.. he met me at the staircase outside my place.. ‘

Before she could unload the ultimatum on him, he requested her to move her hips as she continued her story, to which she did and even rubbed her clit as she rocked her hips back and forth.

‘.. and we did it.. ‘


For some reason, Jake wanted to know, and she couldn’t deny him the truth despite the irony.

‘I bent over the railings. And he flipped my skirt up, sliding his cock into me at the first instance he saw my butt.’

‘Did you like it?’

‘At that point.. ‘


‘Yes.. ‘

The pain shot through his spine and when straight into his penis, stiffening to a rock-solid state that he could no longer take it lying down. In a swift move, he pulled her into her chest and rolled themselves over, onto her back. Disengaging the moral limiter on his strict principles, he immediately started ramming her pussy hard and fast, distorting her apologies as he imagined how ‘convenient’ she must have been when her ex could just easily flip-and-fuck.

As if that wasn’t hurtful enough, she had played the innocent, navie card on him for so long that he had made it a point to always take things slow (with her). Now that everything is out of the bag, he held nothing back as he placed his thumb over her clit, rubbing it as his cock pumped her pussy sore.

‘Jake.. jake.. I’m.. sorry.. ‘

‘No you’re not.’

‘I.. ahhh.. am.. ahhh!’

He let go of her clit and held her feet together in the air, depriving her of any slack that could be of any use around his cock. The harder he went, the tighter she got, and it wasn’t long before a strong jet of liquid sprayed onto his abs.

The convulsing girl lost all control of her body as orgasms came one after another, knocking her in and out of consciousness as the tip of his cock bumped against her g-spot.

As his anger faded, the senses along his shaft returned and he felt her softness once again. The same softness her ex felt just that few days ago.

‘Jake.. I promise.. I will never do that again. I’ll come over no matter the time, and let you have me.’

SOmehow, that appeased his vengeful state and his orgasm gradually returned. Out of spite, and as a punishment, he declared that he would cum inside her.

And she delightfully accepted it.

Rubbing on her own clit as he expended his last bit of strength, her vaginal walls collapsed around his manliness as cum exited into her pussy, filling her up with forgiveness and the love she loved him for.

That night, the couple had three rounds of sex, the second and third more romantic than the first. Along with the morning-after she would get the next day, she will also go on the pill so he could save the money on condoms.

He didn’t have to keep any close eyes on her as she became increasingly obsessed with him, reporting her every move, going over to his place every other night, to keep his balls empty and mind clear for the day job he enjoyed so much.

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