Other Way Around

(Aaron asked) ‘Who.. are they?’

‘They’re my friends! She’s Tiffany and she is Olivia. You can just call them Tiff and Oli.’

‘Ok? But what are they doing here?’

‘They’re just accompanying me.. You won’t mind right?’

Without warning, Janice took a step towards the 28 year old man and grabbed him by the crotch, in full view of her friends who were as shocked as him. And yet, all he could do was to stand as still as he could, while she massaged his cock through the shorts he wore without underwear, thinking that it was ‘just another meet up’.

What started out as a cheeky dare to meet a 14-yo Tinder ‘date’, quickly turned into a crime of passion when he crossed the line(s) after seeing her (braless and) panty-less under the oversized hoodie she wore. In the end, despite only receiving a handjob, her new-found fetish for ‘male dominance’ soon led him onto the dark path that weren’t too far from a blackmail.

(Tiff whispered) ‘jan.. you.. ‘

(Janice asked) ‘Can you lower your shorts for me?’

In a flash, he yanked his shorts low enough to expose his fully erected cock, for the onlookers to gasp at, and to let Janice wrap her petite hand around it, pumping slowly as his eyelids fluttered in bliss.

Before he realised, she was already on her knees, using her tongue to flick at his dickhead playfully. It took him no time to start sighing and groaning at her teasing, before he gasped at the moment she placed her lips around his manhood. Taking her time, she shoved her face back and forth along the shaft, squeezing her lips hard together on every outward stroke.

After a few minutes, the girls were left with an unforgettable sight of a penis that was much redder, thicker and shinier than before.

(Janice asked them) ‘Do you want to touch it?’

(Olivia replied excitedly) ‘Can I can I?’

Janice let go off her hand and let Oli hold him, with a larger but softer palm that didn’t need any cues to start moving. Five, six strokes later, it was Tiffany’s turn to jerk him off. After seeing Janice went down on him (and had her saliva all over his wiener), the girls were less hesitant to give him a taste as well, sandwiching him between two pair of lips that couldn’t be anymore inexperienced.

As their leader, Janice showed them the basics and the two girls took turns sucking and caressing his balls, sending him into a frenzy of joy and pleasurable cries.

Just as Aaron was enjoying himself falling into a deeper pit of hell, Janice suddenly ended their playtime and pulled him towards the railings, where she flipped her skirt up to show him her fair, bare, and perky juvenile butt.

‘I want you to put it inside me. Can?’

In his state of trance, he quickly agreed and spread his feet outside hers, guiding his cock into the narrow space between her ass. Within ten seconds, he had found her opening and had began piercing his cock into her vagina, moving only at the times she didn’t groan (in pain).

After a minute, Janice let out a sigh of relief and Aaron took things into his hands, thrusting gently until all of his cock was fully embedded inside her.

(Tiffany whispered loudly) ‘FUCKKK! YOU’RE HAVING SEX!’

(As Janice moaned) ‘I.. know right? It feels so.. good! Ahhh.. ahhh.. ahhh.. ‘

Standing on the steps next to us, we could see Tiffany pulling her skirt up to masturbate while watching us closely, making the whole ordeal a little more sicker. As for Olivia, she needed some help from Janice who stuck her hand under her skirt to masturbate her, in the usual ways that Aaron had no luck of seeing.

Resuming his forceful thrusting, he plugged Janice so fast and deep that she, in turn, pleasured Olivia so hard until they were both slipping down the rails onto the steps, bodies convulsing together with Tiffany who was reaching orgasm.

(Aaron groaning) ‘I’m gonna cum soon! I’M PULLING OUT NOW!’

With a single jerk, he vacated Janice’s pussy of his cock and let her sit next to Olivia, who swiftly stuck her hand between her friend’s legs to continue the mastur-marathon. Using their free hand, they interlocked fingers to help get Aaron off.

Standing in front of the three girls, he had little to do except for a warning call before he came. Coming as no surprise, Janice took his load into her mouth before passing it to Olivia, then to Tiffany, before going down Janice’s throat.

After the intense ‘game’ of circle-of-life, the girls tidied up and chattered among themselves around the taste of his cum, his size, and everything that made him felt like a alpha-male. He had taken it upon himself to note that each of the girls actually swallowed some of his cum just to know how it felt.

Once the four of them went their separate ways, Aaron received texts from all three girls separately, citing the same reminder that they had all they needed to incriminate him, if he didn’t meet their demands.

From the next day on, he was on a schedule to meet any number of them for the fixed activity of public sex/ blowjob.

Three-halves his age huh?

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