Our (Parental) Love

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(Stepmom asked) ‘Can I join you?’

If not for the fact that it was a condominium’s pool, she would have been called out for her two-piece swimsuit that would certainly distract any members of the public. Since I was already done with my laps, we ended up spending a good hour catching up on the earlier part of my life she wasn’t there for. As a stepmother, she was a pretty cool woman, full of wisdom and knowledge in regards to ‘communicating’ with a new ‘child’.

After the enriching chat, we decided to make use of the sauna room that no one in the family had explored, especially when we were paying for it monthly. In there, once we achieved the humidity we were comfortable with, I just shut my eyes and enjoyed the process of detoxification, talking as little as we could.

Suddenly, I felt a hand landing gently on my groin and reacted appropriately to the situation, holding her still.

‘Your sister.. she did it with your dad.. ‘

‘Just! Stop right there. When and how did that happen? Is she still.. ‘

‘Wait wait.. hear me out first. He did it after he separated with your mum, after meeting me. And from what I know, they only did it three? four times before she stopped. Because she has you now.’

Somehow, her explanation only make things worse, but not too much to make me get the fuck out of the fuckery. As I tried to wrap my head around how he (my dad) more ‘wrong-er’ than me, she continued to massage my manhood outside of my trunks, until the erection couldn’t get any more obvious.

Following her instructions, we rinsed ourselves clean and made our way up back to our apartment, for a proper shower in the privacy of our bathroom. From the sauna to our home, my mind had somehow given up on making sense of what was right and wrong, leaving me at the command of my stepmom to ‘lather her up as well’.

In a daze, I soaped my hands and scrubbed her clean, like how quickly she has done for me and was just paying her full attention on my erection. Reaching down between her legs, I had full reign to rub her in any way I wanted, while she sighed and gasped innocently unlike her daughter.

(She stammered) ‘I’ll wash.. us.. you just keep.. keep doing what you are.. ahh yes.. ‘

With clean water running over our bodies, any soap that could irritate our genitals were washed away, leaving our clean, shiny skin for each other to caress as much as we desired to.

‘Mum? I have to pee.. ‘


She then went down on her knees and aimed my pee hole at her chest, where my warm pee then cascaded over her body until nothing was left. Another brief spray of water cleaned her up again but she didn’t wait for me to turn the shower head off before taking me into her mouth, sucking and stroking my dick like how mei did it.

Without taking any break, she just pinned me to the wall and kept shoving her face full of my cock, using her lips to massage my shaft as deeply as she could take it. Combine that with that hand fondling my testicles, I lost control at one point and groaned at the part she deep throated me.

‘Is it that good?’

‘Oh yes.. it is.’

‘Better than her?’

‘Umm.. no.. ‘

‘Good. I wouldn’t want to take that away from her.’

From outside, I heard a giggle but couldn’t do anything about it as she sucked another wave of strength away from me again, bringing me closer to the edge than ever.

‘Mmm.. I think I shall stop here.’

‘But.. ‘

She quickly hushed me by squishing my lips with a finger, swiftly pointing in the direction of the living room, and reminding me that I have her little girl waiting for me.

She went on to dry me thoroughly before sending me on her girl’s way, with a smack on my butt. Naked like me, mei jumped into my arms and we fumbled our way into my room, where we proceeded to fuck like bunnies on my creaking bed.

As for mum, she waited only for about five minutes before dad returned home, to take her right ‘there and then’ on the couch, making so much noise we couldn’t help giggling non-stop to.

In a strange way, mei and I found ourselves moving over to our parents’ room to continue fucking right next to them, going all the way, and beyond that when my dad and I unanimously agreed to ‘swap’ for a while.

Last but not least, we returned to our ‘right-wrongful’ partners and unloaded our love into them. However more we could manage to do after that happened in the privacy of our own rooms, judgement-free.

But on those long days where we didn’t have our respective ‘each other’s, exceptions were made, with the only hard rule that the men were not allowed to cum inside our alternative partners.

Unfair enough.

Part 1 | Part 2

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