Our (Sibling) Love

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‘kor.. ‘

I was in the midst of waking up when I suddenly felt a hand sliding up my boxers for my cock, fingers wrapping closely around it before my senses were even active. As happy as I was for my stepsister to finally acknowledge me, I was shocked at the sight of her stroking me under the sheets, while lying on her chest between my legs.

‘Hey mei!’

‘What? You wanted this too right? Don’t tell me you have never fantasised about this before?’

‘What?! No! I have never fantasised.. ahhh.. about this before!’

‘Then why are you so hard?’

I was midway sitting myself up when she flung the blanket open, pulled down my boxers from under (with that hand that was inside), before swiftly stuffing my cock into her mouth. I had no idea how potent it was for me, until I experienced her jerking the base of my cock as she worked her lips up and down from the tip.

In less than ten seconds, I was writhing and trashing about at her mercy, without noticing that she was only using one hand on me. It was only when she started moaning, did I realise that she was touching herself the whole time.

I had about enough when I finally gathered enough strength to push her head away from my cock, but clearly not faster than how she wriggled her way up to my chest. The quick-witted girl held my head in her chest while shifting her hips around, until I felt the soft, moist opening splitting around my cockhead.

‘Hey hey hey! FUCK!’

Skipping all the parts where we were still ‘salvagable’, we had connected at the deepest ends that none of us could turn back from anymore. And on top of that, she went against the initial discomfort and started riding me as soon as we joined, transforming my anger to a raging lust.

With that newfound strength, I flipped us both over onto her back and raised one of her legs onto her chest, proceeding to hammer the fuck out of her sly, asking-for-it face. Thrusting my hips violently, I made sure to dip my cock so deep that it caused her eyes to roll white, before pulling out slowly enough to exact the same penetrative jab again.

One hard stroke after another, her body gradually gave way to the ferocity and before I knew it, orgasms had began to escape her grasp. With both of her feet up in the air, I was free to pry her vaginal walls apart over and over again, scrapping along her sensitive sides to further weaken her with orgasms.


Yet another climax interrupted her cries and I was too, close to my end. Slowly down my movements, she went softer and softer until we were fucking in a more ‘graceful’ pace. I carefully turned her over onto her chest before lifting her ass up, to reenter her from behind.

Pumping in a fixed rhythm, she regained her energy bit by bit until we were both in an intoxicated mood, making a bit of true love for a while.

(I asked) ‘I’ll going until I cum k?’

(She asked) ‘Will you pull it out before you cum?’

‘I will.’

(She replied excitedly) ‘You don’t have to. I’m on the pill.’

‘Can I trust you?’

‘Yes.. I’m all yours from now on kor. I love you.’

That said, I calmly slid my cock in and out of her, building up the climax until her pussy tightened around me. The slight suction in her vaginal was all I needed to fill her up gently with my cum, spurting a couple of times before the remaining poured out into the safety of her haven.

When she finally left my room, it was almost daybreak. After breakfast, as soon as our parents left the house for their weekly golf session, I was back inside her, in her room.

(As I was fucking her) ‘You know.. ahhh.. my dad.. your mum.. ahhh.. were like us? Ahhh.. step.. brother and.. AHHHH!! sister.. ‘

That creampie came along with new information, that they might have already guessed what we were up to.

Part 1 | Part 2

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