Cum Pouch

‘Shall we go for dinner? I’m hungry.’

Rina popped the question lazily in bed, still naked but with her socks on after fucking each others’ minds out an hour ago. I had came twice while she had four, draining all my strength I hoped to reserve for a more energetic night out. While she wore her skirt on without her panties, I put on my shorts over the underwear from Airism line of Uniqlo.

‘Hey. Let me try something tonight.’

‘What is it this time?’

She unzipped the playkit we shared that held all of our pleasure toys we used ourselves and on each other, taking out the Tenga Pocket I bought for her to use on more listless days. Climbing back into bed again, she spread her legs apart sitting upright, and turned the ribbed, silicon, male masturbating sleeve inside out.

With two fingers providing the ‘shape’, she shoved it into her pussy and spent a minute getting herself wet. As we both knew, her mess was especially had to clean up when it got so thick, leaving stains that wouldn’t dry on its own. After she scooped a huge serving of herself with the Tenga toy, the grin was nothing less than eerie on her scheming face.

‘Take it out.’

I just pulled the waistband lower and let her stretch the ‘pocket’ over my growing erection. Little did I know that she would return my underwear to its intended position and let me wear my shorts properly over it. Constantly in a state of tease from the natural walking motion, the hard on couldn’t get any smaller than ‘that’ size.

We went to Ichiban Sushi before the dinner crowd came and was seated in a corner table for four. Rina, of course, sat right next to me, unlike other couples who would choose to look at each other. Once all the dishes were served, her hand dropped onto my bulge that was slightly protruding, but still appeared ‘normal’.

That side of the restaurant did not have any windows and was darker than the rest, allowing me to put one hand up her skirt while she easily rubbed on the toy that was massaging my cock. We only ate with one hand each but fed each other every once in a while, fingers still moving furiously under the table to get each other off.

Her clit was sensitive that night, giving off extra in the full exposure of the sharper eyes in public, while I was fidgeting desperately in my seat. None of the waiters came near enough to stop us and I was growing urgent, about to jizz in my pants.

‘Cumming huh?’


Our sights were awkwardly prancing around the rest of the diner to keep a look out, but the erotic exchange of pleasure never stopped for a second. Her legs were getting wider as my fingertips came dangerously close to her pussy, slipping in once in a blue moon to keep her wanting more.

‘Cumming cumming!’

She dropped her chopsticks and quickly stuck her hand into my shorts, using the other to hold it open. Her warm palm directly on the toy was getting all out of me, stroking and squeezing playful, trying to make me groan too loud. Just as my orgasm died down, she tightened two fingers around the only hole and returned my foreskin to its place, along with the sagging pouch that contained my warm sperms.

After she checked that no one was looking in our direction, she tilted the content into her bowl of ramen and gave it a stir. Gosh, how sick and sexy that was. She fell on her side over my groin and take a few seconds to lick me clean, before patting my dying hard on.

‘You are not allowed to stop moving.’

‘Yes Ms. Rin.’

She was more than happy to be moaning and squirming to my fingers, hurting her so good that we had to leave as soon as we were done – for home again.

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