For the Lack Of

My erection was hard to a point it almost felt numb, when I imagined myself inside you. How I missed, feeling the slippery walls, so wet, yet able to create some friction against my skin. Is ‘water-like’ the term to describe that texture? Should I be putting some lube to make it smoother?

You were sitting quietly in on my lap, observing me closely as I try to make some sense of what was going through my head. Have you got so used to having a raw dick inside you, that it interests you so much when someone who have never not used a condom, apart from his first penetration, put himself at your mercy?

Though it was overwhelming, I knew how to cope with new sensations. Composed deep breaths, the words to put this whole experience surfaced like ripples coming to their end on a pool of water. Under the soft, warm innards, the subtle motions of your muscles became clearer. There was the involuntary tremor, the occasional rhythmic pulses, and sudden tight squeezes when something disturbed that watchful mood you were in.

You rocked forth to gently lift your hips up along my shaft and another wave of new pleasures came when the part buried inside you before, was exposed to the ambient temperature of the room. It created a desire for you to lower yourself again, so I won’t feel cold anymore.

For someone who knew how to move your body right, all it took was you to move three or four times, to get your warm liquid keeping the exposed length at the average temperature of our intimacy. My breathes that grew louder as they went deeper, you had matched the speed I was inhaling, though you exhaled much stronger when you went over my cock again.

We spent a good five minutes repeating the same motion over and over again, trading pants of passion with my awkward groans of incapability to handle that beautiful scenes of comfort that kept me up hard. It was totally ironic that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy any of this, if it was any shorter than the initial length when you sat atop me.

With every strokes you laid on me, your body began to lean back on your arms and I took the chance to do some work, thrusting in a fixed tempo at your hips slowing down to a stop. It was my turn to let you see, if I can keep the beast within, calm enough to deliver my potential without any uncontrollable urges to get my own relief before you.

Everything was in our grasps, to not let go of what we want to, and yet give each other our all in that however short period I could handle. I could see the times you closed your eyes longer, along with the sudden wide stares, that were shut out by your eyelids that dreamily closed. The tensed muscles of my dick began to feel again, and that would be the very thing that caused our sexual contact to come to an end – in time.

By the time I got on my knees, you were lying flat, in a way that made my towering figure felt intimidating. You had allowed my eyes to feed on your nakedness, with those jiggling breasts that barely kept up with my increasingly violent thrusts. What felt like a long time, was really ‘short’ in comparison to your ‘record time’ you’ve had with the previous.

The worry, doubts, confusion was slowly setting in on my face, which you easily picked up after getting the ability to ‘feel’ through what you see and hear. The plunging strokes into that part of you you have given me access to, was squishing non-stop as it took the relentless, pointy end of me.

It was all coming to an end soon, if you asked.

The last outward pull, triggered the first shot that lined your insides before I hit it deep again, gliding against the newly lubricated tunnel and pushing some deeper. The second, and following load, exploded with lesser intensity than the first. The weak grin on your face, you didn’t mind how hard I shot, except to want all of it inside you.

The little waves taking place within you, brought me to new heights, and everything coming from you then told me the same. It will be the first time I felt so intimate, to cum inside someone whose monster I haven’t caught a glimpse of.

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