The One for Two

To be share, to be taken turns at, to be wanted by two. A call into Rina’s phone interrupted her blowjob for J midway and she did not hesitate to pick it up in front of the irritated face of his.

‘Yes. You’re here? The door’s unlocked.’

‘Who’s that?’

‘Nah. Just a friend.’

Her mouth went back to him after that and he lost his distraction immediately, allowing his groans to alert the ‘friend’ she invited to her place. A knock followed by the twist of the knob got J into a frenzy to hide his junk, as well as into a shock when a guy leaner than him walked in on the two of them at their most private moment.

‘Hey! Who are you?!’

‘Rina’s friend. I’m Rick.’

J could not bring himself to shake that guy’s hand after what he had done but Rina wasn’t too concerned about his appearance. She went down on the embarrassed, shrinking cock as soon as she acknowledged the participant, making her boy gasp in front of the well-informed guy.

He stripped himself oblivious to the stare-of-death till he was only in his undies, and waited by the bed for Rina. Three minutes he was given to admire the display of skills by her before she cracked her neck like after a strenuous chore.

‘J, I know you have always wanted to try a threesome. So he is here for me, for you. Rick, just go ahead and do what you like.’

‘Got it. Don’t worry J, she knew what a person I am before she approached me.’

He sat at the end of the bed and laid his back flat, twisting side to side to close in on her ass, where Rina went on her knees, remaining in doggy style while his face went under. With the extra set of tongue working on her pussy, the sudden dip into her throat sent him into a pleasant shock. Fists tightened on his pillow case, toes curling next to Rick’s face, mouth making soundless screams.

The increase in her enthusiasm showed him a side of her never seen before, shoving her face in his cock without a care for herself. The loud gulps hinted at how much of her he was swallowing, and she was reaching a saturation point when he was done lying under her.

‘And now, he is going to use the mouth that just sucked your dick.’

She gave him an assuring wink before turning herself over like a little puppy going for a stocked dish of treats, going ass-to-face at J. As Rick sat on the bed, J went on his knees and let himself in, between that fine ass that wholely belonged to him.

The loud slurps from her head become inaudible with the volume of their hip-slaps getting louder. He was on the compromising end of J’s thrusts, not being considered as part of their sex life despite being in the same room. The erratic contractions from having two dicks inside her was something to behold, as it created a massage along the full length of his shaft up to the base.

For some reason, J was trying to distract her from sucking that rod, since she was supposed to be hers. Her obligation not to leave Rick hanging was causing a little frustration, as much as she wanted to enjoy that, all too familiar cock, tearing her apart. Her head gradually fell to his thigh and turned into a handjob, not that Rick was complaining.

After the burst of energy from the slightly disturbing thought that she might enjoy her friend’s cock more, J was done and no longer moved inside her.

‘Hey, lie down on the bed. Below me. And you, a condom.’

J caught the thumbs up from him and slid under Rina, momentarily lost to the sight of her changing positions. Hovering on top of him, her elbows rested on the bed at his shoulders, and had her lips running all over his neck while Rick took his place between their legs.


The signal that he was in flushed a fresh change of alertness in her, forcing her lips on his in a sensual tongue fight. Her passionate kisses, again, had something else driving them that he couldn’t help but enjoy. Her palms kept swapping from the bed to his chest, as if sucking his life while trying to transfer love to him at the same time.

There was so much determination in her that he wasn’t sure she knew what she wanted. Her steady stance on fours cushioned most of the strokes he delivered, forcing moans out of her pressed lips. A dick J might never meet was giving him the chance to experience what he would not have, making it slightly tempting to ask him back again.


He made long groans as he filled the condom that froze Rina still, somewhat waiting for him to be done so she could move on. Not waiting for him to pull out, she bumped him off and brought her feet to J’s hips, squatting down on his cock that had been throbbing to blind eyes.

The pussy that just devoured him was of pure lust, eagerness duly translated to hard bounces on his hips. She had held off her own orgasm to use its tightness on the one she loved, riding him to the ends of the world.

J could no longer focus on making out and thrashed himself around under her, moaning only when he saw Rick leaving the room. He did not manage to last as long as without Rick, ‘terminating’ the session with an intense climax dumping his cum into the upright vagina. The still-moving Rina came the moment his load pumped her full and forced some of his cum out.

Her ass landed on his groin weakly but continued to make him squeal to her twitches, that she couldn’t control. The two satisfied bunnies rolled to their sides and she perched herself against the headboard, taking him into her arms like an overactive toddler who wore himself out.

As usual, her nipples went into his mouth on that drowsy face, soothing her hormones that should be well fed. No one knew who fell asleep first, but the aroma of dinner woke them up. Her mum knew better what happened in her daughter’s bedroom to whip up some ‘nutritional’ dishes to replenish their bodies at their prime.

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