Cum with Daddy

(Haley asked) ‘The stairs?’


Turning into the stairwell like how we would every other day, Hayley was getting more comfortable being out and about without any underwear. And even more so lately, in just one of those oversized t-shirt most girls her age wore.

Going two floors up the stairs to the tiny ‘cubicle’ where the rooftop access door was, my little girl quickly settled on a step that positioned her face at my waist level. After tying her hair into a ponytail, she yanked my shorts under my balls and immediately took my growing manhood into her mouth, while she seamlessly put one of her hands to work in her clit.

(I asked) ‘Does this turn you on a lot?’

(She whispered) ‘Everytime I step out of the house with you daddy.. I’m already fantasising about this.’

Not wasting a second, she tucked my dick between her lips and pushed them halfway down, twirling her tongue around my tip as her soft moans vibrated along my shaft. Using her saliva as lubricant, more of my dick gradually disappeared into her face as she bobbed her head slowly, taking me deeper as her fingers found their way into her pussy.

Once I was drenched to the balls, she pulled most of my dick out of her mouth, leaving only the top quarter engulfed to stimulate just the head, and a little portion right under the hood where I was most sensitive at.

After spending a few minutes suspended in bliss from her dedicated, loving blowjob, I was as hard as a rock, and as sensitive a man could get getting sucked by a girl over half his age.

‘daddy.. I think he’s ready.’

‘he? Yes.. He’s my cute little dildo.. ‘

Once we were ready, she got back up on her feet and made a knot on her shirt, leaving her belly button, and everywhere else below exposed for my viewing. Bent over in standing-doggie, I was still taking in the sight of her fair and smooth complexion when she grabbed my dick from between her legs, to place the tip where it belonged, at her slit where I would split open with much honour.

(I whispered) ‘ready?’


Carefully, I inched my way in and was instantly greeted by her juices, lubricating my pipe as I filled her up. I could never seem to get my head around how little foreplay she needed, to get so wet and ready for me that I could just slip it all the way inside her.

With time ticking away, I held onto her waist firmly and began humping away, piercing her tight, shaved pussy over and over again as she groaned into her cupped hand over her mouth. The initial tightness, though a bit overbearing, soon made way for a more relaxed grip around my shaft, as I continued thrusting my hips into her bum at a controlled, more rhythmic pace.

(I asked) ‘are you extra horny today?’

‘Why daddy? Do I feel different?’

‘look under us. At our feet.’

True enough, she was ‘different’ that day, leaking more juices than she usually would onto the concrete floor between our shoes. When she saw that, her pussy tightened up even further, exposing her slight embrassment which I quickly countered with deeper, faster strokes.

(she replied) ‘yes.. Daddy.. I’m.. Thinking about something..’

(I asked) ‘what is it?’

‘i was thinking.. About you.. And mummy fucking in this position..’


‘I want to be mummy too..’

Somehow, her honesty got to my head really effectively and I lost a little control there and then. Something in me forced me to wrap one of my hands around her neck, and pulled her upright as I intensified my strokes, plunging further into her pussy as her vaginal walls shut around me.

(I asked concerned) ‘you’re jealous of mummy?’

‘no.. I just.. I just imagined you shooting inside me..’

‘huh? Don’t I always do?’

‘Yeah.. But.. But I’m already thinking about it before you do it daddy! Stop embarrassing me and cum already.’

Her cutesy, pouting face pushed any worry I had and we exchanged a kiss, before I nudged her back forward into our standing doggie – for my final performance.

Positioned in front of the steps, I replaced my grip on her waist and began fucking her as hard as I could, gleefully watching her body tremble to my every thrust. We just kept going wildly until our knees descended onto the ground, where I went into a squat behind her ass and resumed fucking her in that position.

For some reason, like her mum, she went into a frenzy of both wanting me to stop, and continue, at the same time. I too, was incredibly vulnerable at that angle and couldn’t last too long, for our own good.

(I exclaimed) ‘daddy’s cumming!’

I fell on my knees and executed my last few thrusts into her pussy, before unleashing my seeds into her plump, pinkish pussy. Out of curiosity, and playfulness, I didn’t give her any warning before yanking my dick out of her, resulting in a gasp, and a tiny squirt of cum coming out of her.


My obedient little girl then hastily shut her legs, stood up, and hunched over the railing to regain her composure.

(I asked) ‘What’s.. What’s this?’

‘Huh? To keep your cum inside me duh..’

After a short rest, we decided to take the stairs down, with multiple stops for her to ‘manage’ the cum leaking out of her, which really just meant smearing them over her thighs and letting it dry.

As for us, and mummy, let’s just say that the sex (mummy and daddy has) in the house, is the ‘live porn’ Hayley used to get herself off to, until we get out of the house for our share of ‘fun’.

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