(Milly whispered) ‘hey.. come in quick. don’t let anyone see you.’

‘Why? Afraid that you will get caught letting someone else besides your boyfriend into your room?’

(She sneered) ‘Duh..’

(I asked) ‘Where is he now? Still at work?’

‘Yupp. And.. he still has about 2 hours before he ends work.’

(I asked) ‘So what are we going to do now?’

Without saying a word more, Milly pushed me up against the wall and planted her lips on mine, forcing me to breathe through my nose as our tongues wrestled in each other’s mouth. As we made out, she worked her skilful fingers across my belt, and everything else she needed to get to my underwear.

After a brief massage to work me up even more, she freed my pent-up dick from my underwear and descended onto her knees, wasting no time to slide that unwashed, sweaty rod between her lips, sucking on it hungrily while I moaned, and struggled to take my backpack off. My jeans, they didn’t stay long on my hips either as she pulled them off my feet, until I was naked waist down.

To have a fuck buddy with such great oral-skills, I couldn’t resist placing one hand behind her head, to keep her mouth occupied for as long as she wasn’t tired. Once I had my fill, I gently nudged her head backwards to quickly wrapped both hands around her neck, forcefully lifting her up onto her feet once again.

More surprised than shock, Milly still had a smile on her face when I gave her a peck on her lips, but her delightful expression quickly turned into a confused one when I spun her around to bend her over the edge of the bed.

‘Spread your legs.’

She obeyed my command and the subsequent ones as she took my dick from under her pussy, using it to rub her clit while I set my phone to video-record.

(Milly asked) ‘What are you doing? What’s that?!’

Before she could physically react, I pushed her down onto the bed and angled myself just low enough to face that sweet pussy, glistening with juices from our forbidden ‘rendezvous’. Being stronger, I was able to hold her down easily as she struggled helplessly, up to the moment I penetrated that pinkish slit, and forced my dick into her wet, but no-longer-willing pussy.

(Milly whispered loudly) ‘Hey! Stop it! I don’t want it anymore! Get it out of me now! I’m warning you! Stop it!’

Ignoring her pleas, I began ramming my hips into her perky ass, splitting her reluctant vaginal walls apart over and over again as I gloat in her misery, first of betrayal (to her boyfriend), then of another betrayal (of me). In my mind, she had sunk as low as a person could get, and it would probably be best if I ‘stepped up’ and took ownership of a broken little girl, if she realised that there was no more turning back.

For as long as she had strength to resist, I pounded her unnaturally hard to remind her of her weakness, mixed with the pleasure she could get if she got together with me, instead of her boring, down-to-earth boyfriend who sometimes couldn’t even give it to her when she desired. I kept ramming my dick deep and hard into her until she gave in, and seemingly succumbed to my dominance.

Wasting no time, I flipped her onto her back, raised her feet over my shoulders, and replaced my hands onto her wrists before jamming my cock back in, for a frontal view of her ever-changing expression between ecstasy, irritable, regrettable, and immensely-pleasurable. There was no time for me to execute any other positions that didn’t risk her ‘escape’, so I pushed on in that final position, thrusting just my hips into that moaning little girl that no longer had any fight left in her.

(As I panted) ‘Baby.. I’m gonna cum.. And I’m gonna cum inside you.. Be ready.’

All of a sudden, her eyes widened and newfound-strength returned to her arms. Fidgeting uselessly in my strong grip, the pushing-motion she did with her thighs (still over my shoulders then), only caused me to fuck her deeper each time she ‘kicked’, rendering herself weaker sooner. You know, with a dick plunging deeper each time you try to deny it?

After half a minute or so, I felt a rush of adrenaline coursing through my veins, far more than I needed to ram my dick far up her pussy, for the most thorough purge of cum I have ever felt. Waves after waves, spurts after spurts, the slight suction in her pussy had definitely worked in my favour as I instantly went soft the second I pulled out of her.

Since the deed was done, I had no more business in that room. I quickly got dressed, retrieved my phone and walked out on her with confidence, and leverage bigger than any power I had ever gotten. Needless to say, I didn’t wait too long to send her the video I had taken of us, in 4K and all.

(Milly texted) ‘So what do you want? For me to be your girlfriend? Or fuck buddy?’

(I replied) ‘For you to continue to be his girlfriend, my fuck buddy, and perhaps also help a few of my buddies? Hope you enjoyed the video.’

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