It was, as though something had came over her the second Milly returned from her girls-night, obviously having drank beyond her limits with that bright, red blush under her shimmering makeup. Before I could get a word out of my mouth, she was already on her knees, tugging my boxers just far enough to expose my growing erection, and used her warm mouth to blow my mind right off.

Muddle-headed and intensely turned on, my eyes were glued on her boney shoulders, seamlessly linked to the sexy, slim body that was pleasing my manhood so passionately. From tip-to-base slurps, to ice cream licks up along my shaft, her balls-nibbling was what got me all groaning and begging. Between those heavenly strokes, her hands never left my balls, or dick, the entire time. When my mind could no longer keep up with the unending tingles she was causing, my back just went out and fell onto the bed, still twitching non-stop from her nimble fingers.

A flick of a switch later, she was on top of me in that seductive, oversized, white top, in the dark. Within seconds following that predation, I was panting under her grinding hips, fingers tightly clenched around her shifting waist.

That night, was a little different as she really hit me in the right spots. In that cowgirl, or rather, low doggy-style position, she was literally just slamming her groin onto mine, sinking that dick so deep inside of her. On top of that, she wasn’t as wet as she could be, and that little ‘friction’ really got to me.

(I groaned) ‘Baby? I’m gonna cum!’

At once, she bounced right off me and kneeled between my legs again, taking me right back to her hand-blowjob maneuver which kind of calmed me down at the same time as my senses returned.

‘Fuck.. Baby.. I’m really gonna cum now. Take it out and use your hands.. Please.. I’m cumming.. ‘

Right before I came, I stared downat my gorgeous little girl and saw the unmistakable, wet trails of tears down her face – at the same moment I puffed her cheeks up with my load. Still, after I was emptied in that sucking mouth, she didn’t let me out, and just kept licking me.

(I asked worried) ‘baby? Why are you crying? Does it taste bad? Go spit it out.’

Grabbing on to the dick that flopped out of her mouth, she sniffed and shook her head, all the while kissing my stumpy dick like it was her baby.

(In sniffles) ‘You didn’t do anything wrong. It’s me.. I.. let some guys touched me when I was very drunk.’

Immediately after, she slipped my dick back between her lips and went at it for a long while, until I was semi-hard. Just about then, she gave it a hard bite that forced me to shove her backwards before jumping out of bed.

(I asked angrily) ‘what did you do that for? Huh? You let other guys touched you and you want to hurt me even further? Huh?!’

Before I realise it, I had my fingers wrapped around the neck of my sobbing, guilt-filled lover, and likely have shaken her up a bit. As regretful as I felt, the pair of sorry eyes that were staring pitifully at me, was telling me to ‘not stop’.

Without missing a beat, I flung her face-down onto the bed and went to the dresser, for two soft, claw-shaped dildos I knew she never enjoyed. I then sat between her legs, held them open with mine, and in one stroke, I shoved the larger of them into her pussy, and held it firmly there until I lubricated the smaller one with my saliva.

Mercilessly, I poked the freshly-wet one into her ass and kept still until her struggles died down. Breathless as she was, I twisted the dildo in her ass to exhaust any resistance that was left in her.

(I snarled) ‘Cheat on me right? This is your punishment.’

Almost putting my full weight on her back, I began moving both dildos (that had O-rings for my fingers) in and out of her, draining every last bit of strength as she coped with the new sensations. Soon, the pleasure from her pussy was cancelling out the discomfort in her asshole, and my little girl started moaning erotically.

(She sobbed) ‘Daddy.. I like it.’

Fear, soon appeared on her face as my expression turned sour as soon as I heard that she was enjoying it, since she wasn’t supposed to. I yanked the toys out of her, dropped it in the sink, and bent her into doggy-style before jamming my dick into her unacceptably-wet pussy.

My hips then started thrusting ruthlessly as I was emotionless, giving her an eerie, blank stare as I pounded her pussy hard. In and out I went, loud slapping noises filling up our tiny bedroom to her confused look that was trying to read my mood.

As I was nearing my second orgasm of the night, I picked her chest up and hugged her tightly, feeling her warm back against me as I planted a light kiss on her neck.

(I whispered) ‘Daddy will never leave you, or blame you, or love you any less. I love you for you, not what you can do for me.’

I slid my dick out of her at the last moment and carefully spun her around, to take my dick into her face so I could feed her a second time. In the bliss of that ejaculation, my mind, and mood, was cleared of any grudges or anger, and even left me enough love to kiss that slippery, cute lips of her.

(I whispered) ‘I love you baby, always.’

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