Third Surprise

(Her WhatsApp) ‘I’m coming home now. Just finished chilling with my sis-in-law. Don’t sleep first ok?’

Glad that she had spent such a meaningful day with little time to text me, I was wide awake and ready to hear how her day went. In my usual army admin tee and boxers, I laid peacefully in bed for the next fifteen minutes until her second text came.

(Her WhatsApp) ‘I’m in the lift now. I’m bringing someone along too. Open the door for me?’

I jumped out of bed upon reading that, with a little more than ten seconds to ‘tidy’ our room before the doorbell rang. Looking through the peephole, I was shocked by the taller guy standing behind her, than I was surprised to see her in an outfit she clearly didn’t leave house in, or would ever own.

With no other options, I opened the door to them and she stepped right in, looking all guilty but at the same time, not very apologetic, while donning a short, long-sleeved crop top, a black, pleated mini-skirt too short for her long legs, and her newest pair of white Adidas sneakers.

Just as I opened my mouth, she dived into my arms and kissed me while kicking her sneakers off, backing us up a step at a time (onto the guy) until she was sandwiched between us.

Somehow, the guy got the audacity to start feeling her up when we were ‘making out’, sliding his hands around her waist and rising under her top. Sensing no resistance from her, I quickly understood what she was up to, but still had tons of questions on my face.

Shortly after, she pushed forward onto me until I stumbled over the bed, in an upright sitting position that she leveraged on to pull my boxers off. In a flash, her mouth was all over my dick, tongue running up and down my extending shaft while I watched the other guy caressed her slim body like a hungry wolf.

(He panted aloud, in a deep voice) ‘James.’


I sighed out of pleasure as her lips went around my tip, enveloping the rest of my shaft quickly enough to send a powerful chill up my spine. Before my very eyes, I saw her shifting her body around as he stripped her socks, and panties off, leaving her skirt untouched.

‘My turn to take something off too’, I thought to myself as I reached under her crop top, to find nothing there. In mere seconds, she was moaning to his ‘fidgeting’ behind her rear while her mouth was bobbing up and down along my manhood.

Before I knew it, she had turned her back onto me, flipped her skirt up, slid me inside of her, and pointed at the box of Okamoto above my head. I immediately understood her message and handed one to the guy, who put it on in the fastest manner he could.

The next thing I knew, she was going down on him with me inside her throbbing vagina, balls occasionally getting ‘poked’ by her fingers over her clit.

About five minutes later, she dismounted her ‘stallion’ and ushered me to lie at the pillows, where she continued sucking me off while the other guy positioned himself behind her, in doggy-style, to fill her other hole with dick.

Our eyes (hers and mine) were locked throughout the time he put his dick into her, and it took no more than a gasp for her to express his ‘success’. Following that, he began rocking his hips at her at an unhurried pace, driving her mouth at the same speed down my unsheathed dick.

(He whispered loudly) ‘fuck! you’re really tight!’

Of course, I’d know. It is one of the perks (or rather, downfall) of having such a hot, sexy girlfriend that no man, not even her own boyfriend, could last very long before losing control of our bodies to cum in her lovely, wet hole.

With his thrusts getting harder and faster each time, his groans, and ours, got louder as well. Since he started banging her, she had drenched my dick and balls in so much saliva that she could take all of me into her mouth, suspending me in a high, incoherent mood.

When he finally unleashed the series of forceful, deep strokes into her pussy, she switched her blowjob to a milder, shallow-sucking motion, that resembled a baby on a pacifier, possibly to silence her otherwise louder moans.

No more than two minutes later, his hips buckled and delivered three, defining thrusts into my baby girl. In blissful ‘defeat’, he fumbled backwards out of her and skipped into the bathroom for a wash up.

During which, my girl crawled into my arms and climbed over me, stuffed me into her swollen pussy, and just hugged me tightly.

(I whispered seductively) ‘Let me do the work now.’

I rolled us over and began soothing her spent vagina with my constant, in-out motion, as she automatically raised her legs for me. Holding her calves wide apart, I saw the adventurous, wild side of her fade away, into the faithful lover she has always been.

It was just passionate love-making from that point on and I felt no rush, nor any urgency to fulfil my own sexual agenda, since she was still glowing, and smitten by the guy before me.

While we were at it, the guy had put his clothes back on, and disrespectfully left a thin stack of fifty-dollars note on our dresser by the door before leaving. Unwanting to let him distract us, I gently fucked my girl until she grew too weary to keep her eyes opened any longer.

I picked up speed and used whatever juices she had secreted as fuel, to leave a large spread of nutritious, love-filled moisturiser on her belly. Immediately after, I ‘glued’ my belly onto hers and smothered her with kisses and nipple-sucking, until she dozed off for a second.

(I hinted) ‘Let’s shower before we sleep?’

Resisting her pleas to ‘shower later’, I dragged her into the bathroom where she then spent an unnecessary amount of time to ‘soap’ me up, and delivered another piece of news.

(She admitted as she stroked me) ‘Daddy? Will you be mad if I tell you that I am the one who charged him for the threesome?’

‘Huh? You mean you asked him for payment?’

(She answered) ‘Yeah. He was the one asking if he could bring me home tonight. And I said I can bring him home, if he is willing to share me with my boyfriend, and won’t be free.’

‘How much did you tell him to pay?’

‘I didn’t tell him any amount. He just said OK. So I just followed him into his car and gave him our address.’

At that point, I was dumbfounded, but mostly speechless. Combine that retheoric information with her apologetic look, and a busy hand that was still rubbing on my manhood, how could any man keep his calm, especially when I could pin her up against the cold tiles of the wall and fuck her mind out to ease my frustration.

For the entire duration of her nightly-skincare routine, she remained eerily quiet and only spoke when I climbed into the bed and held her in my arms. Without any suggestion, she slithered under the sheets and gave my dick another round of blowjob, executing her best moves so lovingly and dutifully, until she stopped mysteriously.

(In a muffled voice under the sheets) ‘Daddy? Am I allowed to do it again? Bring another guy home?’

(I answered in relief) ‘Yes. But please agree on an amount beforehand.’

That night, both of us managed to fall asleep at about the same time, halfway through the sideway-sex position.

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