Right Before

‘What’s inside?’, Milly asked in surprise as I handed her a kraft paper bag from my backpack, before urging her into the last bathroom we would pass by on our way out of the mall. It has been a while since we had so much fun, eating and shopping around until all the stores were closed. Even then, we continued wandering the empty mall for IG-worthy photos.

By the time she was done, it was past eleven. The moment I saw her strutting out shyly, dressed in the mid-length blazer I bought her, I knew that she knew what was on my mind. The only question that was left is, ‘where?’. With her arms wrapped around mine, we boarded the train and found ourselves a seat by the door.

‘Bugis, then Eunos’, I told her of our journey and she just nodded, probably distracted about what she was wearing underneath. In less than fifteen minutes, we arrived at Eunos MRT and I led her towards the newest block of flats, that had caught my eyes whenever my bus passed by. Honestly, my mind was more focused on her unassuming blazer, and the lacy piece of bodysuit that had an open-crotch design.

The particular block I decided on, though brightly-lit, showed the least number of lights on and little activities through most of the windows, signifying low occupancy and thus, less ‘disturbance’.

Not wanting to waste anymore precious time, I pulled her into the fully-enclosed stairwell and undid the only button on her blazer, revealing the black, see-through nightie that hid none of her ‘vital’ body parts. Immediately, I pulled a shoulder-strap off and began sucking on her nipple, stirring up a series of sensual, arching motion of her waist as I lapped her aerola up. In return, she grabbed onto my hair, pushed my face harder into her chest, while my hands began working their way down her narrow hips, gliding right between her soft thighs, and onto her pussy.

Warm and wet as she was, I kept my mouth busy between both her breasts, my fingers rubbing on her clit, while my other hand went around her neck to silence her increasingly-loud sighs into hoarse mroans. As she got wetter, one her hands went over my groin and started massaging my dick, as if I wasn’t already aching from the bulge. In seconds, my dick was out of my jeans and getting stroked to a plump, leaking pre-cum at the height of our spontaneous romp.

Once she got a little too sensitive down there from my persistent nudging, she fell onto her knees and took my dick into her mouth all at once, knocking me off balance with her passionate slurping. Gripping the base of my shaft firmly, she slipped her lips along my shaft quicker and deeper, rolling my eyes backwards from the pleasure overdose.

Given our risky situation, I stopped her shortly after and sat her down on the steps, before leaning my body on top of hers. Under her eager guidance, I was hastily tucked inside of her for my hips to begin moving on its own. Thrusting amidst our heaving and panting noises, she was wetter than anything I have ever felt. I was just a few minutes in before she slipped me out of her, and seamlessly turned herself over into doggystyle.

‘I like this position more daddy’, she hissed as she spread her legs, bending her knees slightly to accommodate my position on the lower-steps. In an instant, I was back inside of her and resumed my non-stop pounding of her pussy, going a little too fast for my own good. Holding that tiny waist in my hands, while staring at her swaying long hair, jerking body, and feeling her vaginal walls closing around my dick, I knew I wasn’t going to last very long.

‘I’m going to cum soon love.. ‘, I whispered loudly into her ear as I slammed my hips onto her ass, driving my dick as deep as I could. I thought I had a little more until she turned her head towards me again, and asked sheepishly, ‘just shoot inside of me?’

At that point, my choices no longer mattered because I had fired my first shot, way quicker than I could pull out of her. Since I had already lined her vagina with my cum, I couldn’t resist sliding my dick back inside of her, to use what was left of my juices as lubricant – for a few more thrusts.

Without any cleaning up to do, I turned my attention to the exhausted, red-faced lady, whom just got dressed. Not yet done with her, I forced my hand between her legs and massaged her sore pussy, all swollen and damp with our juices.

That night, the both of us couldn’t stop pleasuring each other until one of us fell asleep.

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