Getting Started

I guess it all started when I switched my job, working for a company that emphasises on their staff’s well-being so that we can focus on our work. Despite being busier than my previous employment, I was fairly motivated, which in turn, left me in a better, more energetic mood at the end of the day.

It was around the end of my first week at my new workplace, when Milky appeared behind the door as soon as I opened it. Surprised as I were, I let her take my backpack off, followed by my shirt, pants, and even underwear, before getting ushered into the bathroom to get a ‘royal’ shower.

Bathing me like I’m too lazy to do so, she lathered my hair, scrubbed my body, and paid extra attention to my manhood, which needless to say, was just too excited to be pampered that way.

Once I was patted dry, she led me back into the bedroom where I was then dressed in my usual dri-fit army tee (for sleep), and a pair of boxers. Next up was her ‘spa’ treatment, which mainly consist of a face mask and a tender massage over my face.

Just as I was drifting in and out of sleep, I felt a little movement at my boxers that quickly went away, only for her mouth to ‘show up’ over my dick. Immediately, I felt like I was sinking into the bedsheets, yet afloat above the heavens as she worked her lips up and down my shaft.

Out of nowhere, a sweet, fruity scent permeated my nostrils, and I was seamlessly brought to another high in the palms of her hands. Gripping my dong so ever softly, her handjob was nothing gentle. She pumped her fist mercilessly fast until my eyes were wide opened, just so I could watch her replace her mouth over my glistening dick.

After getting sucked to a shameful level of weakness, that sex-starved girl climbed on top of me and began working her hips, bouncing up and down while I watched her freshly-shaven pussy split around my meat.

In terms of energy, the ecstatic cowgirl literally sucked all of it out of me (through her pussy), leaving little to none for me to throw her off.

I could only lie there sheepishly as she rubbed her clit to our in-out motion, going all the way until I had to hold her down.

‘I’m gonna cum.. ‘

‘So?’, she snapped and pried my hands off her waist, raising them over my head as she switched her back-forth motion to an up-down, hip-slam. Right then, I knew I was getting milked, and she didn’t even need more than ten, or twenty strokes.

In the span of a few deep breaths, my body caved in, hips buckled, and my dick just exploded all of its cum’s worth into her. Spurts after spurts, my mind was just in a blank as I came my hardest in weeks.

Alas, my job was done, and that grinning, unrepentant girlfriend was still seated there, gloating in victory?

‘Hehe. You like it daddy? I’ve gotten the patch for a month now. So it’s perfectly safe.’

No words could describe my sense of relief, except she knew exactly how to implant another not-so-friendly warning.

(in whispers) ‘so if daddy don’t keep me full and satisfied.. I’ll let other guys cum inside me.. ‘

Oh boy..

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