Love Hotel

‘Can I join you?’

I was about halfway through my shower when Illy knocked, and entered the bathroom naked, with just her towel in hand. How could I, her long-time boyfriend, not love such a surprise when it happens? I immediately turned off the water and let her in, into the tiny standing area of the shower.

(I asked) ‘Washing your hair tonight?’

‘Yupp. It’s getting quite oily. But only after you’re done.’

After wetting her body, she reached for her shower gel and began lathing herself up, alternating between her body – and mine. While it was ‘ticklish’ everywhere she touched me, I was particularly ‘coy’, when she jerked me down there. With a lot of soap, and the stray drops of water dribbling from the showerhead, I was moaning and writhing in her embrace in no time.

About five minutes later, I had enough of her teasing and rinsed myself off, downwards from the top of my head. Due to the shampoo running down my face, I had my eyes shut when a warm mouth enveloped my dick, for a playful, slithering tongue to send shiver down my legs.

When I regained vision of her, she was slowly getting down onto her knees, from a bent-over position to avoid any soap that might enter her mouth.

From then on, it was a vicious struggle between her mouth, trying its best to suck the life out of me, and my fumbling arms (and tumbling legs) seeking balance.

Backed against the cold, tiled wall, I was left to my own while she worked her lips back and forth, conquering my manhood as her hand stroked the base of my dick. In that standing-position, the apparent-softness of her tongue really did me a solid, like a gentle caress on the underside of my fierce-looking dong – until I began pleading for mercy.

None of it was heard as she continued blowing me relentlessly, switching between her energetic mouth and a unforgiving handjob. In no time, I was high and weak beyond my own good, and that sly grin on her face only told me of how ‘pleased’ she was at my demise.

No more than three minutes later, under the loud splashing of water hitting the ground, my hips began to buckle, and a light, but continuous tap on the back of her head alerted her of my incoming orgasm.

Turning my dick over to her hands for the last time, I was treated to a paced handjob, and a bathroom filled with her moans as she masturbated herself at the same time.

‘CUMMING LOVE! I’M CUM.. mming!’

Instead of being ‘shocked’ by my feeble groans, she brought her face close enough for me to unload my semen over her cheek, where hot, running water washed them down to her perky nipples, across her fair belly and into the void.

Just when I thought she was done, she used however little water collected in her mouth and dipped my dick between her lips again. Expelling water as she swished the hot water around, I was cleaner than before, as well as unwelcomed – for her to have her time in the showers.

So out I went, trembling in the cold room for as long as I took to dry myself. As for her, the skimpy, new nightdress she bought was more than enough to sober me up to return the favour, that lasted fairly long after the impromptu session in the bathroom.

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