Cream Puffed

(I whispered) ‘hey, what are you doing?’

shhh.. go back to sleep..’

Vision obscured by my blindfold, I remained still as I sensed some cold gel drizzled over my morning wood, before the familiar tenderness of a pussy ‘appeared’ at its tip and moved in a downward motion to simultaneously unravel my foreskin, and lubricate my shaft.

Despite my erection being the ‘non-sexual’ type, thus a little numb, I was equally overwhelmed by the extreme comfort her vagina brought upon me, at the same moment she slid her pussy all the way down my manhood.

After ‘docking’, she laid over my chest and moved just her hips, rising and falling to fuck my dick in a mutual, sleepy mood. On and off, whenever she slowed down due to laziness, I would thrust my groin upwards, to keep sending chills down our spines and pleasure through our genitals.

While our movements were sluggish at first, it didn’t take long for her to start moaning as I kept filling her up with my meat, splitting her tightening vagina apart over and over again – in the soft darkness of our room.

Soon, her hips found its ideal position above my waist, about a few inches off my body so I could thrust continously, and effectively. As I began moaning in that unconventional, sex position, she got wetter and incidentally enabled me to go faster.

Fuelled by my raging hormones and an increasingly-dangerous build up of an orgasm, I couldn’t help but slowed down. To which she took as a cue to start moving (her hips), and sent me into a frenzy when she hit all my right spots.

‘Baby! Stop stop! Please? I think I’m about to cum..’


Out of nowhere, she picked herself up and slammed her vagina even harder down my dick, until I grabbed her ass so hard that she immediately recognised that I wasn’t joking.

Despite all that, she remained ‘seated’ as my hips twitched and buckled, to one of the most satisfying climax that had its duration extended due to the suction force inside her vagina.

All of it, every single, last drop, went deep into her pussy as she wriggled her ass slightly, and flipped her head back with a look of immense indulgence.

(She pipped) ‘Ok! Done!’

‘Huh? What done? Now you have to get the morning-after.’

‘I know. It will be delivered to my workplace at about 2pm.’

With that said, she climbed off my relieved body and went about her morning routine. After her quick shower, she returned to my bed and ‘woke’ me up a second time, with her mouth, for a quickie right before she leave the house for work.

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