Milky Drink

‘Daddy? Just keep watching YouTube on your phone k?’


Lying lazily on the bed, shrouded in thick blankets and soft pillows, I continued with the show while she crawled under the sheets, going straight for my boxers that she slipped right off my waist.

In an instant, my mind was muddled by euphoria as she dragged her warm tongue along my shaft, massaged my balls with one hand, and left kisses along the way. No more than a minute later, I was immobilised by pleasure once her lips went over the tip of my dick, soothing my already-worn out mind with a kick of adrenaline.

Moving those soft, pink lips of hers up and down my dick, my eyes could no longer stay open, and fluttered erratically to her sensual blowjob.

‘ my water bottle please.’

As soon as those words were sounded from beneath the blankets, I reached for the bottle on the nightstand and handed it to her, where she took a sip, replaced her head over my dick, and let some of the warmed-up fluids dribble over my balls.

Very quickly, I was in a ‘tormented’ state with her hand-blowjob combo, draining me of any decency in my wails and pleas for mercy. Soon, I was suspended in a high when she found a comfortable rhythm with her hand, sucking just so gently on my little head.

As her fist sped up along my plump rod, her head began moving faster as well, purposefully going over that little groove where my ‘small mushroom’ joined my main body.

With the slow build up of pleasure, I didn’t realise how soon she was getting me to climax until she coughed a little to the depth she was attempting.

‘Baby? Let me put it inside you now. It’s so hard. You can stop now.. Please?’

That vengeful little princess didn’t heed any of that and kept going at a paced tempo, despite my forceful writhing and moans.

About than three minutes later, I flipped the sheets away and perched myself up on my elbows, determined to see just how far, this wild girl would go. Still, I saw no signs of stoppage no matter how many times I warned her of my approaching climax. Instead, she just tried to go lower and deeper until I was at my end, signaled by a careful grip of her hair at the back.

My hips then buckled, dick momentarily stiffened, for the last moment I cried out for her to move away.

But nope, she just remained in her spot as cum sprayed out of my dick head, squirting bits after bits she caught without a flinch. Before I was done, her lips began moving again, up and down while sucking every last bit out. With her last ‘stroke’ being an upward drag on tightly sealed lips, she had thoroughly cleaned out her man’s shaft at one go.

‘Ok go go. Spit it.. ‘

‘Huh? Spit what?’

Her clear speech indicated an empty mouth, and she even sounded a bit ‘accomplished’ too. Falling back into bed, I ushered her into my arms and gave her a hard kiss.

It was halfway through that ‘makeout’ when she wrapped her fingers around my dick, pointing it upwards to slid her pussy down onto it.

‘Hey! There’s still cum in.. ‘

‘In what? Didn’t you say that now is the time with the least amount of cum inside?’

With that, she rode me for a few seconds before I rolled us over, to pound her pussy properly sore as a reward? Or punishment, for her adventurous spirits.

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