Sloppy Professional

Awakened by the sudden ‘show’ of hand onto my boxers, I was about to drift back to sleep when that said hand, began to make slow, small movements along my groin. Within half a minute of my feigned ignorance, she had sneaked into my pants and was taming its voracious morning mood. I couldn’t help but let off a hushed sigh as she wrapped her soft, thin fingers around my shaft, swiftly relieving me of that growing dick-ache.

Momentarily, everything felt right and peaceful again, until she slid herself southward of the bed. It must be time for her to shower, I had presumed, since ‘time’ spent in bed usually past quicker than ‘real time’. Before I knew it, her mouth went right over ‘me’, enveloping my tingling manhood in untold warmth and comfort. Jolted fully awake by the unexpected rush of adrenaline-blended shock, I was hit hard by both extreme pleasure and sheer sleepiness.

Her mouth, seamlessly rotated about until her tongue was positioned at the underside of my little head, lined up with the sensitive vein of my shaft. In less than ten, in-out strokes, she had effortlessly turned my brain to mush, and my moans into shameful pleas of mercy. Keeping me in a suspended state of euphoria with the rhythmic, up-down motion of her mouth, she formed a loose grip at the base of my dick with her thumb and index finger.

After two minutes or so, as I throbbed and twitched more violently, she tightened her fist to restrict more blood flow, intentionally growing my manhood as she switched to a handjob. Armed with a jacked up rod and an increasingly-desperate urge, she was aware of her control over me – in just that one hand of hers.

In a matter of a few, long minutes, I arrived at the dead end writhing in groans and helpless gasps, simply waiting for that sexual build up to reach its peak (and my demise). Her unwielding look of delight, along with that sly, sheepish grin, was etched deeply into my mind as I took my final deep breath, for the subsequent eruption of white lava – over the back of her hand.

Still, she couldn’t resist pushing me over the edge for a little longer, using the slickness of the cum I just unloaded all over us. Thankfully, I wasn’t tormented for too long when her third alarm rang, for my turn to wake up – and give her a proper, sexy time in the shower.

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