Ready or Not

‘Hey! Oh my god. I miss you so much!’

Without further ado, I wrapped my arms around her slim figure and buried my head in her shoulder, taking a deep whiff of her hair as she did the same, satisfying both our yearnings in a tight, warm hug. Having spent over two weeks away from each other, I could not ask for anything more besides her comforting scent, and an equally-strong embrace that melted my heart.

But what I didn’t expect would come so soon, was her cheeky grip on my groin, alongside a hushed, yet adventurous whisper.

(She whispered) ‘Does he miss me too?’

(I whispered in response) ‘He certainly did. Just give it a while.’

As we stood in our spot, soaking in each other’s’ love, we were both secretly enjoying how my manhood was reacting to her initiation. In no time, I had grown to a size she liked, and her ensuing kisses only told me of how much she missed ‘him’ too.

Eventually, she broke free of my grip and turned around for the door, only to peel that flimsy hems of her dress upward, to stop me in my thoughts. Panty-less, she was, and there was no other way to read that naughty, hungry grin that was all over her face.

(She pleaded) ‘Are you going to let me just.. nevermind! I can wait!’

In an instant, I snapped out of my daze, dropped my backpack, as well as my pants, and sloppily slid myself into her dripping-wet pussy. The sudden gush of warmth enveloping my dick, tore down any shyness that I had unconsciously build around her, launching my hips forth for another thrust that made sure I was balls-deep to the furthest end of her vagina.

Dizzied by the unfathomable sexual hunger, that was awakened by the simple act of ‘penetration’, I came to face a force that kept my hips moving, back and forth to ravage that inviting cunt. In and out my dick went, splitting her vaginal walls apart over and over, dragging those veiny bumps across her throbbing insides as she gasped and sighed at my overdued appearance.

Before we realised, I was humping her at my quickest, without any form of control or restraint, just letting myself go until I lost it all – to an unrewarding cum-shot that sprayed uneventfully onto the dusty, concrete ground.

That abrupt penetration, channelled had unknowingly brought about an unimaginable, absurd level of sexual cravings, which prowess caused us both of our brains to freeze for a split second.

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