Milo Peng

Bending over the edge of the sink with a subtle perk of her ass, it was too easy to imagine what I would do to her, especially in the short, flowery, green summer dress that I had no idea she owned. Working on her make up dutifully in front of the ceiling-high mirror, the unsettling silence in the family room made it near-impossible for me to keep my hands to myself.

Recalling the one ‘tip’ I always had when in such a unique situation, I pounced on the chance to grope her waist and planted my groin into her hips, wriggling slightly just to see if she was up for ‘it’.

‘Hey’, a soft, but muted whisper hinted me of her wilfulness, and that alone sent my hands northward of her belly. Cupping my palms over her cutesy little breasts, I was taken aback by the ‘clarity’ of her nipples, both poking into my fingers that were searching for them.

A quick slip (down) of her thin shoulder straps soon confirmed my suspicion, that she actually went braless underneath. Driven by both excitement and lust, I swiftly replaced my hands over her bosoms and kneaded them gently, taking extra care to tease those perked-up pointies.

As she started writhing and whining to my advances, I brought one of my hands to the side of her hips, and cheekily raised her loose dress until I exposed her rear – the smoothest, fairest bum I will never have enough of. ‘Fuck!’, I sighed louder than I should, as I impatiently felt her butt cheeks up with both hands.

By then, she was already staring back at me through the mirror, with a pair of eyes that screamed ‘naughty’, and hissed ‘hurry up already’. My fingers then went between her crack and found her soft spot, abundantly-moisturised like never before.

Taking no more than ten seconds, I fished my cock out and tucked it between her thigh gap, before resuming my tireless massage of her tiny chest. Pinching, rolling, and squeezing, it didn’t take her long to grab my dick between her legs, and rubbing it against the exterior of her vagina.

In that position, we lasted about five-minutes grinding and moaning, before our inner desires led her to push my pulsating dick upwards, diving straight into her body. Already well-lubricated from our non-existent foreplay, we simultaneously let loose a gasp together before my hips took over, thrusting that blood-filled monster into the most gorgeous lady I had ever laid eyes on.

Pounding her rhythmically in front of a sparkly-clean mirror, every detail of our tryst were deeply etched in our minds. From the swinging of her long, flowy hair, to the soundless gasps she suppressed by biting her lips, and the erratic, forward-jerks of her slim waist, I was getting more worked up than I wished to last in this particular haven.

Shoving the entirety of my dick in and out of her love hole, not a single spot was missed as I rammed her deep and fast, satisfying both our hunger for each other. Each passing minute felt more like a second, that I was getting more desperate to stretch out. It was, in this exact position, at this particular angle, that she would turn so horny, with a look that would prove to be my nemesis.

Standing behind her, and jutting my overly-eager waist, I was enjoying a view that every man would be jealous of. It was a sight that was so aesthetically pleasing, so life-worthy, but yet short-lived because of how gorgeous it was. To have a loyal, good-looking lady, so willing to bare her vagina and let you have it – in public, I was long overdue for an orgasm that should have happened sooner.

Over the next few, short minutes, I banged our brains out and gave us my all, until I had no choice but to pull out, as my cum came spurting out of my tip. As I did so, she tumbled forward over the white, ceramic sink, and panted her lungs out as I fell into a similar predicament, being overly-stimulated by such an impromptu, heart-racing sexcapade in the very mall we work in.

Once done with the dirty, I pulled my pants up to the pouting lady, who had little to ‘wear back’ as there was literally else nothing for her to put on. With our fingers interlocked, we left the place in smiles that no one else understood, for home.

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