Service Disruption

(I whispered) ‘baby? I’m about to go to work now.’

‘mmm.. love you.. ‘

Without saying a word more, I lifted the sheets covering her lower-half of her body and for a split second, gasped at her fine, perky ass, clad in a pink, satin panties. Holding her down in her sleeping-fetal position, I took about three or so moves to yanked that tiny piece of cloth down her legs, revealing her smooth butt to the cold air of the hotel room she had been well-insulated from.

Little could she expect, that when I ‘woke’ her up, I was already naked from waist-down, dick drenched in baby oil and hardened by the sheer thoughts of catching her off guard. By the time she realised what I was up to, I had wrapped a hand around her neck, and was guiding the tip of my cock into the very opening of hers.

With a few easy strokes, I widened her eyes and mouth to hear her reluctant moans as my hips thrust deep into her vagina, splitting her insides forcefully apart to the width of my manhood. At that point, there was no turning back as lust and euphoria took over control of my body, driving me to ram my dick senselessly into her warm, vulnerable slit.

Given how much stronger I was, her futile struggling only turned me on further, while spurring me to grip her neck and waist tighter. As she succumbed to the onslaught of pleasure bombarding her tiny body, her pussy began to tighten itself, sending me into a frenzy as my dick was getting squeezed to a pulp.

The instant she tried to ‘crawl’ away from my ‘assault’, I hopped onto the bed and continued fucking her in doggy, that is until she slumped over to the other side of the bed in utter helplessness. Still revved up from her resistance, I fiercely flipped her over onto her bed and pounded her poor, pussy wildly in missionary, but not before I held her knees up towards her chest.

Fully exposed and ripe for my taking, I just rummaged her vagina with my hand tightening around her neck, until she was too physically drained to show anymore emotions. I then went berserk at my hips and unleashed my final burst of raw energy, ramming my engorged rod crazily-fast into her exhausted pussy until the final moment, where I slipped out of her, released my inhumane grip on her throat, and emptied the measly load into my palm.

That’s right. I barely had any cum to show for after the consecutive night-and-morning sex, minus the few spurts my balls saved up from over the night. With my morning workout completed, I finally got dressed and planted the official ‘off-to-work’ kiss, on the gorgeous face of a disgruntled girl whose beauty sleep was disrupted by my over-zealous cock.

‘Humph!’, was the last sound she made as I shut the door, for a new day of tiring work.

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