Stay With Me

(She whispered irately) ‘hey hey hey.. I don’t want.. ‘

Without a care for her mood, I spun her towards the wall right behind the closed door and pinned her ‘down’, as I tucked both her thin wrists into one hand. Pulling out a necktie that I had kept in my back pocket, I quickly made a few loops around those icy, cold hands before making a bow knot, one she could easily undo if she really wanted to.

Once her hands were immobilised, I pushed her towards the bed and toppled her forward into the clean, soft sheets. I then sat on her bum and began hiking her shirt up, high enough to reveal the clasps of her bra that I undid in a blink of an eye. The next article of clothing I went for was that cheeky pair of short shorts she wore, seemingly non-existent under that oversized black tee. Yanking it off together with her panties off her feet, another tie was soon wrapped around her ankles, officially turning her into a tantalising roll of ‘roast beef’.

Unable to put up much of a fight under such restraints, she could even do less when I flipped her over onto her back, and went straight for her nipples. In an instant, the fiesty, spiteful girl disappeared, for a subdued, meek, little lady whose moans greatly aroused me, to show up. Her attempts to ‘watch’ my hungry face devouring her nipples were easily thwarted with each suck, nibble, and pinch across those perky tips, beautifully-laid across her gentle mounds.

Keeping up with the teasing, I only needed to slide my hand over her thighs and she raised her feet instinctively, conveniencing my ‘reach’ to her groin. As soon as my fingertips went onto her puffy, perfect slit, I could tell that she was wet, like never before.

To ease some tension on my neck, I tilted our bodies sideway while I kept sucking on those gorgeous breasts. When her tiny bum was finally exposed, I straightened my palm and gave her an unexpected, hard smack across her cutesy (ass)cheeks. At once, the smiley, smitten look on her face went away, replaced by a stern, uncertain expression that I intended for her to have.

Once I had soothed the pain with some light caressing, I repeated the ‘punishment’ a few times, before leaving her momentarily to fetch the wireless vibrator I had packed for the trip. Faced with a vagina that had lubricated itself so thoroughly even without any direct contact, I didn’t provide any more foreplay before sticking that pink-orange toy into her, a bit at a time until it ‘popped’ into its rightful place.

With a click, she began trembling as it buzzed inside her, sending her body into a fit that was otherwise harmless. I then shifted her further into the bed, before placing her feet over my head for my next phase. With her feet in a tight bind, I had to dig my tongue deeper between her mound, to reach the large clit that I was so thankful for.

Flicking and swirling my tongue around that sweet spot, I was doing the alphabets mentally as she squirmed about, to the vibrator and my ‘snacking’. In no time, her feet was constantly falling away as exhaustion overwhelmed her, but there was nothing a sideway sleeping position wouldn’t fix. And so, I continued eating her out to my heart’s content as she laid there tired, trembling as little as possible.

About ten minutes later, or about the time I had quenched my thirst, I turned her over chest-down and sent kisses down her back, before giving her butt a wide, strong bite – intended to leave a love-mark.

Once a few ‘marks’ were made, I pulled her waist backwards into a doggy position, and carefully extracted the drenched toy from inside. My fingers then went over her vagina next, and remained there for as long as I wanted to hear her alluring sounds, without so much sticking a finger into her.

When she began wriggling her butt unconsciously, I whipped out the box of condoms I had prepared, and rolled one over my overly-excited dick.

(I whispered closely into her ear) ‘are you ready?’

(She replied weakly) uh huh.. hurry up.. ‘

Unwanting to spoil the momentum, I took my time to run the tip of my dick along that pinkish slit, brushing over her clit, poking just a little into her vagina to drive her crazy.

Out of nowhere, I decided to leave my post, and stayed long enough away for her to ‘wonder’. Just as she turned her head to see where I was, I climbed into the bed, kneeled over to her face, and planted a reassuring kiss on her lips. From there, we began making out in that awkward position, until her gaze returned to a mesmerised one.

I then went behind her once again, smeared some saliva over the unaffectionate condom, and parked the tip right outside her vagina. Without saying a word more, I proceeded to make that slow, long stroke into her vagina, one that filled our hearts right up with lust.

Remaining motionless, I dragged my fingertips up and down her back, around to her boobs, over her neck, and brought her into my chest. Through the polished, yellow-tinted bronze pillar, we locked our gaze as I jerked my hips into hers, at a pace that allowed us more ‘time’ over ‘pleasure’.

We kept going at that position until her body began to go weak, and I had no choice but to give her another loud smack on her butt to sober her up. Expectedly, she awakened to her senses and kept her body perched in a perfect doggy style while I rode away, on my elongated dick that enjoyed her uncontrollable, wild thrashing.

Soon, it was time to turn her over, and released her feet to spread them open. Back in I went, and I couldn’t help but put my hand around her throat, for a little squeeze that widened her eyes. Those staring eyes, deep and trusting, I didn’t know how to punish her any more than I already did. All I wanted to do then was to keep rocking my hips, plunging that dick she loved, at her ‘thing’ I am so honoured to be inside of.

I then freed her hands as well, for a warm embrace that I had missed so much.

(She whispered sincerely) ‘i hate you.’

(I answered more lovingly) ‘i love you too.’

And that was all it took for me to keep going for a long time, and a few more times after that. I might not know how to keep her forever, but I know that I wouldn’t stop trying to put a smile on her face.

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