Too Milky

‘Do you trust me?’, I asked nervously as I stood right behind her, slightly-afraid of receiving an answer that would thwart my otherwise, ‘intricate’ plan I had wrecked my brains for the one-night staycation.

But when I heard a quivering ‘yes’ from her, I couldn’t help but smile to myself as I whipped a blindfold out of my back pocket, thereafter placing it carefully over her eyes. Using a sash next, I held both her wrists together before tying them up, in a knot that wouldn’t hurt her (too much), nor could she easily escape from.

Once she was ‘appropriately-restrained’ , I then gently led her towards the queen-sized bed before shoving her face-forward down onto the mattress. Caught off-guard by my sudden roughness, she put up a fight that I was able to overpower easily, especially when her arms were immobilised.

Acting as swift as I could, I began to yanked her leggings down her legs, and continually warned her that any struggles would just increase the chances of shredding her bottoms, ultimately ruining her attire for the next day. As I cautioned her against more and more issues that may arise from her non-compliances, her physical fight soon turned into a psychological one, that gradually diminished her willpower.

After a few minutes, she was finally undressed, in the most unkempt fashion a lady could be in a blindfold and cuffs. Pants and panties hanging off one foot, bra and shirt inconveniently-draped over her cuffed hands behind her back, her privates were exposed as they could be sexy without being thrown around the room.

Having worn her mentally down in our brief but intense ‘fight’, it was fairly-easy for me to roll her onto her back, and spread her legs as wide as I wished, to give her a good licking.

Unwashed, and unprepared, she was obviously disturbed with her nervous twisting, in a useless attempt to stop me from savouring her slopping-wet vagina. Thick, creamy and overwhelming in its aroma, I was unmistakably intoxicated on her elixir of lust. Flicking my tongue wildly up and down her clit, she was moaning harder than she flopped about.

For a good ten minutes, I just ran my tongue slowly, and quickly, up and down the entire length of her vagina, scooping up whatever she didn’t want me to have, and did my best to replace her juices with my saliva. In time, I introduced my middle finger into the ‘feast’ and it immediately disrupted her rhythm.

Her chest, and waist arched uncontrollably up and down to each jab of my finger, which soon turned ‘2’ with the addition of my fourth. The sight of such a beautiful girl, crazily thrashing around so helplessly, was literally all a guy could ask for in his life. She was solely ‘calling’ for him, ‘horny’ for him, and definitely ‘dripping wet’ for his dick.

Once I had enough of pushing her to her limits, I pulled my digits out and began planting light, playful kisses over her face, breasts, belly, and thighs. Just as she regained her sanity, I flipped her over onto her chest, and turned her towards the edge of the bed for her legs to fall over.

Now bent over in doggy-style, the rest of my work was pretty straightforward. Within seconds, my undies were off, and I was position my dick right outside her vagina. Pinning her down with an unnecessary load of pressure, she had no way to resist the penetration the moment I swung my hips at her rear.

My ‘entry’ was the only forgiving part, because once I passed her stage of ‘anxiety’, I lost all control of my body at once. Falling my chest onto her back, I took her ear between my lips as my hips twerked violently back and forth, ramming that merciless, over-enthusiastic dick of my as deep as I could go inside her, only worried giving too much pleasure.

It was more or less ‘automatic’ from this point on, smashing her uncaringly in doggy-style before I rolled her over for missionary. Wrapping my fingers around her ankles, I held them high and wide, to admire how ‘susceptible’ she had become around me, revealing all her softest spots.

It was in this position, I let my mind wander all over her gorgeous face, gasping mouth, panting chest, collapsing waist, and delivered my ultimatum in a runny, whitish slime.

After the deed, I did not remove the blindfold nor the restraints, but kept her close in my arms, took care of her every need, and never broke skin-contact the entire time.

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