Rich Milk

(Milly whispered) Shhh.. Just stand still.. And let me do the work this time.’

Whispering those words in her alluring voice immediately sent tingles down my spine as I forcefully kept both my arms by my side, unable to be ready for what she was about to do.

(She added) ‘Can you close your eyes too?’

I couldn’t help but smile as I shut my eyelids, fingers curling into a fist while she placed her body up mine. Without any sudden movement, her hands first went over my face, caressing my forehead, eyelids, nose, lips, more lovingly that I thought she could, and when she reached those sensitive earlobes of mine, I just melted into a puddle on the inside.

Whenever we got cosy, I would always be admiring her eyes, before taking in her scent, touch, and everything else. Yet on this day, it was a strangely-sensual kind of mood that overwhelmed me, bumping my heartrate gradually up especially with that soft kiss on my lips.

Since I wasn’t ‘allowed’ to have any control, I only moved my lips with hers while her hands ran down my sides, went under my shirt, and headed straight for my nipples. Being the owner of a very strange, responsive body, I was just trembling no matter where she laid her hands on.

Not long after, my shirt was pulled over my head, and a warm pair of lips engulfed my confused nipples. Unsure where she learnt it from, she wasn’t slacking when her tongue was working on those perky nips. She was also undoing my pants at that time.

Once she bundled my undies and jeans at my feet, she gave my calves a little tap, and my legs automatically raised to let her take them completely off.

Now naked at my lower-half, my mind was just begging for her to give me some attention ‘there’, but I knew she wasn’t one to give in that quickly. After a few more seconds at my chest, her mouth, hands, and general presence disappeared from me momentarily.

Still, I kept my curiosity contained despite the burning urge to see what she was up to. Not more than a minute later, I felt that arousing, gentle grip over my erection, along with an ample amount of lubricant.

With that kind of slipperiness, and a fumbling, inexperienced hand, I was swiftly thrown into a moshpit of emotions, so crazily turned on by her ecstatic motion that resembled an adventurous, playful young woman. Groaning and moaning without restraints, it was the most vulnerable I felt in a long, long time.

I was so sure my facial expression was so, confusing, and at the same time funny, that she was literally changing her pace just to see how wild I could be. It wasn’t until about two or three minutes later, did she finally settle on a rhythm, that allowed me to embark on the unmistakable journey to orgasm.

She was hitting every right button this time, a slightly-loose grip, the rapid but controlled speed, and a stroking-length that perfectly replicated my own hand. The next thing I noticed was how strong her bodily scent was, signifying her physical proximity to my face.

From there on, every kiss was deeply appreciated with a deep inhale of her feminine odour, while my shaking body revealed how she was owning all of me with just one hand. Just a minute later, she disappeared from my face again, along with her hands that made me slightly worried.

All of a sudden, a careful embrace of a warm orifice took all of my breath away, forcing an imaginery picture of her, kneeling before my feet, and taking my dick into her mouth.

Isn’t it wet, and sticky, covered in lube? And yet, she was so casually moving her lips up and down along my shaft at the portion her hand just massaged. Unexpecting to last long, I savoured every second she did that for me, and actually went a little limp in the most relaxed state.

After which, she resumed the handjob as she smeared my mouth with the lube that soiled her lips, reigniting the ‘flame’ that was about to blow my dick up.

Three or so minutes latee, my muscles stiffened, as I neared a climax I didn’t know how it will turn out. She just maintained the tempo she knew worked, and stayed close enough to give me the occasional pecks.

Finally, my waist started collapsing and she planted the most beautiful kiss on my cheek, just in time to trigger the unstoppable shots of cum into her palm that quietly awaited my love. On and on it went, draining me of my soul and life, until she squeezed the last drop out like an empty tube of toothpaste.

(I asked) ‘Can I open my eyes now?’

(She replied) ‘No!’

She exclaimed, and left me along for a minute before letting me see again. And there she was, standing naked, and proud of her cum-covered hands.

(I whispered firmly) ‘It’s my turn now. And you really cannot touch anything with those hands now.’

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