(She whispered) ‘hey.. there’s no place for us to.. ‘

Shhh.. ‘

Cupping my palm over her mouth, I silenced her concerns as tons of non-furniture-needed activities filled my mind, with the first one being – ‘setting the mood’. In the unlit, former bedroom of mine, the only light illuminating our restless bodies came from the frosted windows, and boy, were they more than enough for me to gaze upon her doubtful face.

I quietly took her paper bag from her hand and placed it gently on the ground, before releasing my hand (from her mouth) to take both her wrists in my hands. Standing so closely together, I couldn’t help taking in deep breaths of her as I ‘transferred’ her thin wrists to just one hand, freeing up one of my arms to do something else.

Keeping time with the adrenaline-mood that I have created, I slipped that free hand up her shirt and unhooked her bra, releasing both her sensitive nipples for what was about to come next. Biting on the hem of her black t-shirt, I raised it up high enough to expose her chest in its full glory and dived straight for those perky, Hershey kisses.

I was admittedly a little overwhelmed when I began ‘feasting’ on them, sucking as hard as I could was gentle with the nibbles I delivered onto them. When she began moaning so sensually and perhaps, a little unwillingly, I knew I had to keep going, switching sides when either of them was appropriately warmed-up. It was such a memorable moment to be surrounded by the familiar, Downey aroma from her clothes, and a unique, feminine scent that I could only enjoy upclose.

When her knees started to quiver, that was when I shifted my hand lower to her jeans, where a little pinch-and-tuck motion relieved her of her bottoms. In the blink of an eye, her pants, and panties, were already around her feet, and she even kind enough to take one foot out of them.

Bringing my chest back up to her cutesy chest, I pecked at her neck as I ran my hand over her belly, and down between her legs. Expectedly, a slopping, wet vagina was awaiting me and I was overly-glad to give it some attention. Wriggling my middle finger into the soft folds of her labia, I quickly located her clit and made a fast job of getting her all weak and jelly.

There is just something about her wetness that turned me on so much, with an erection that wasn’t too keen to ‘rape’ her. Still, I had a job to do and my fingers were on it right then, rubbing as they glide a little bit closer to her vagina each time. Within a few minutes, I was a finger-deep inside her and there was no stopping us, especially when she was teasing me through my pants.

I then turned her around to face the wall, made her stick her ass out, and squatted right behind her bum, with my mouth ready to devour whatever this new position would bring. Once I noticed that pink, plump lips, I buried my face in her rear and ate at her clit, flicking my tongue extra forcefully while getting my face smeared with her love juice. I was intrigued by how responsive, and expressive she was in this particular stance, unselfish with her ecstatic moans and erratic twitching of her ass.

Unsurprisingly, I didn’t persevere too long in this ‘meal’, and tightened my grip on her wrists as I stood back up, With one hand, I unclasped my belt and zipper, letting them hit the ground with a loud thud. Suddenly, I felt a little jerk in my restraining hand, a clear indicator of a ‘time out’. The only thing I could think of next was to put my head over her shoulder, and listened intently for any ‘stoppage’. So, you can imagine the message she sent when all I heard was her rapid breathing, and an deliberate effort to keep her lips sealed.

For those wondering, it is, ‘the green light’.

I then held my cock in my only free hand and positioned it right outside her vagina, thereafter making a few ‘test stroke’ to make sure I was indeed, at the correct spot. From there on, everything seemed to be happening in hyperspeed as I carefully inched my way into her, and paced myself every time she clenched her fists.

Despite taking a long time to get all of my six inches inside of her, it was both a relief, and worrying when I sensed a little, tensed-pressure around my dick. No longer willing to be pleasured at her expense, I put my entire, lower-body on ‘pause’ until her vagina gradually relaxed, far enough for me to resume a rhythmic thrust.

It wasn’t until I wrapped a hand around her neck, and choked her as I twisted her arms a little higher, did I understand what truly is a mind-fuck. Caught between comfort, pleasure, and an undiscovered thirst for suffering, my hardness was as shamefully as confused as I was – being both hard and soft at the worst time.

Once I finally let go of her throat and wrists, was I able to focus on that desirable little waist I had both my hands around, squeezing them together as I jabbed my dick deep and fast from her rear. Combine that with the occasional kisses and merciless, nipple-pinching, she has arrived at a tightness that was unafraid, and yet orgasmic. It was the surreal kind of hard grip (of my dick) within a very soft, fleshy tunnel.

Less than five minutes later, I was calling my orgasm out as my body lost control, ramming her at my fiercest without any restraints. Before I knew it, I blew up into the condom between us and awkwardly succumbed to my trembling knees while sustaining her joyful snicker.

Covered in perspiration and refreshed lust, we washed up as simply as we could and left the unoccupied apartment – for the last time.

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