Written from the point of a female.

‘Good morning mmm..’

I was barely awake when I felt his cold hands on my ankles, spreading them apart as his tongue made a slow, upward-swipe across my vagina. A jolt of electricity shot through my body and caused me to shiver uncontrollably, for the best wake-up call I’ve had in ever.


My waist started contorting like a ticklish snake once he started eating me out proper, in his usual, calm pace. This morning, there was something else he did too, something I didn’t expect myself to like, as it involved some pain.

Midway through his mind-blowing cunnilingus, he used his fingers to tenderly pry apart the section of my labia ‘protecting’ my clit. He slanted his head sideway, slipped his soft lips (directly) between the outer folds and grinded my clit that was buried inbetween. It was a new experience for me to have two, stiffened lip hold my most sensitive region, and rolling it around like a little ball of chewing gum.

What really got me was how a subtle ache in that spot, made me so much more sensitive. Beyond that, I was just impressed by how he managed to introduce a little ‘pain’, to bring an unexpectedly-favourable twist, into my favourite bedroom deed.

Mixing an overwhelming load of pleasure with the occasional (clit) ‘squeeze’, I was more turned on than ever, bordering on the thought of having him inside me. It wasn’t even 9 yet, and there I was, ready to reward this man with his biggest wish.

Consciously, I opened my legs wider before I pulled his head gently up to my eye level, and let out a very satisfied groan to inform him of my satisfaction.

‘Condom?’, I asked, but he easily disappointed me with a simple shake of his head. With that, he sank back down to where his ‘breakfast’ was, and continued eating me out. Although a tiny part of me felt let down, I was mostly grateful for his self-restraint.

Not long after, I was on my way to the first orgasm of the day, in my most soothing mood.

‘wei. After this I’m going to do something to you. I don’t care.’

From afar, I caught him smiling to himself before I closed my eyes, to fully experience the waves of pleasure riding up my private part. There was no mess, no rush, and all to gain from the sexiest alarm ‘cock’.

After he had his ‘fun’ with me, I flipped him over into the bed and sat between his legs, knees together. It was the only position I had tried, when it came to giving blowjobs, but I was as hesitant as I could be given my past history. Before I could do anything else, he jumped out of bed and gave it a quick rinse, as we said we would but I had totally forgotten about it.

Once he brought his freshly-washed dick back to bed, I couldn’t help but did a smell check, and ‘approved’ him despite a little odour. That last bit soon disappeared as I stuffed the man-made meat roll into my mouth, garnering a sudden, but arousing gasp from him.

From there, it was just his moans, and groans, and sighs that echoed in the room as I licked him everywhere I knew to, with that little experience with my ex. The way his body twitched and writhed, really helped with my ‘willingness’ as it boosted my confidence, to know that I could deliver a decent blowjob.

Before I knew it, I was getting wet again, and he was more than glad to give me a some attention down there. Sitting by his side, sucking, and moaning to his playful teasing of my vagina, it was one of the most affectionate moment I had. Two adults, mutually-benefitting from a secretive, unconventional relationship, was definitely not in my fantasies until then.

‘Mil.. ky.. I think I’m almost.. ‘, his voice, couldn’t be any more validating as his legs straightened, toes curled inwards, for what seemed like an intense ordeal for him. I then took my mouth away and replaced it with my hand, along with abundant saliva to keep milking his manhood.

About one or two, minutes later, his body melted into the sheets as his dick momentarily thickened, for the powerful eruption of his hot, sticky cum over my hand. Slightly-translucent, but mainly consistent, his cream of ‘mushroom’ appeared to be strangely palatable too, to his advantage.

To make his day as well, I brought one of my cum-covered fingers to my mouth and licked the smallest amount I could get – and actually liked it. He, indeed, tasted a little savoury, if not neutral like thickened water.

I slurped up however much I could handle before he cleaned himself up, and let me get ready for work. After what we did so early in the morning, let’s just say that my fresh pair of panties didn’t stay dry for too long, despite my short journey to work.

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