Dad’s Bribe

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(Soft whispers) ‘Are you sure? He is waking up.’ ‘Yes! I want custody of him no matter what.’ ‘*Sigh* Fine. I don’t know what will this do to him though.’ ‘Just get it over and done with. I’ll be outside.’

Besides not being able to open his eyes, Alex couldn’t find strength to lift his arms either, suspecting that he must have pulled a muscle last night at work, and was probably still too tired. In his half-asleep state, he felt his blanket getting flipped open, and then hands lowering his boxers.

(Loud whispering) ‘Alex. Try not to move k?’

‘Huh? Umm.. Okay. But what are you doing?!’

He knew whose voice was that, and believed that she was going to do something that might help with his weakness. The moment he felt something cold touched the tip of his morning wood, he twitched hard to make sure it was accidental – except that it wasn’t.

Lips, he recognised by the soft top and bottom pieces were going down his shaft. A little wetness was gathering at the downward pointing mouth, tightly sealed around his girth of an inch and a half. As a single groan escaped his lifeless body, she did not stop, but went faster.

‘Auntie Po (short for Polly).. ‘

‘Shhh.. ‘

Her cold fingers took the place of her mouth and the salty scent clarified the activity she was doing. Slowly, he opened his eyes to see her see-through, baby blue lingerie clad body, sitting next to his waist and pumping his red, swollen pipe. Alex could not believe his eyes, nor accept that it wasn’t a wet dream.

It WAS his dad’s young mistress stroking his dick!

When she lifted her dress up to straddle on top of him, he turned his head away in guilt, no matter if his dad knew. Not only was she HIS age, she was going to be his step-mum once the legal formalities were completed.

Polly lowered herself gently over her son, welcoming him into her motherly vagina his dad had been fucking.

(In her concerned voice) ‘Bear with it k? Just one time.’

She rocked her hips back and forth on his groin, sucking and pushing him out of her trembling pussy that brought him to the heavens and back repeatedly. How could any man not feel pleasure having sex right? As much as he didn’t want ‘this’ to convince him to stay with dad, it was working. There was no denying that his dick loved what was being done to it.

The tight opening, deep, long tunnel of pleasure, graceful, skilled grinding motion, they were milking him towards his first orgasm at an unimaginable scale. As for Polly, she only went faster and faster, moving at a more-than-comfortable angle that was sending him whimpering like a girl.

(She whispered) ‘Shit.. I think I’m coming!’

A slam onto his lap drove his dick deepest into her, while she brought her feet to the sides of his hips. Now hopping fast and shallow on top, the most sensitive parts, the upper end of his dick, was counting down to his ejaculation.

(He grunted) ‘Auntie Po! NGHHHH!’

Waves of cum left his body, lining her vaginal walls with semen as she continued bouncing, till a sudden drain of strength dropped her on his chest. More suction drew a few more shots out of him, while they laid motionless in each other’s arms.

*Doorbell ringing softly*

Polly jumped up from him and adjusted her clothes, dashing out of his room just as his dad was about to knock. Alex could then move normally again and wrapped himself under the sheets, in time to see his mum and her boyfriend checking in on him.

(Mum speaking gently) ‘Just woke up? We’ll wait for you outside. Don’t take too long k? The chalet is already open.’

With a newly-wasted mind, he got out of bed and washed up. Although it was troublesome for him to switch houses every week, he knew it would only be temporary. Dad and Polly casually waved goodbye to Alex as he left their place, only to catch his dad squeezing his girl’s boobs for him.

(Dad’s text) ‘Polly will do that every morning for you if you live with us.’

Right. As if she would do such a thing for him..

Part 1 | Part 2

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