Mum’s Bribe

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(Alex whispered) ‘Mummy?’

‘Shhh.. ‘

Alex instantly knew that that voice didn’t come from his mum and a glance towards Jason, his mum’s boyfriend, showed him that HE was the one guiding Janice’s hand over his, her own son’s, body. Not only did she NOT realise who she was fondling, she had a pleasing, cheeky grin too, with her eyes still shut.

*What exactly is happening?!*

All Alex could recall was that they had a lot to drink after tasting his first can of beer. Steaks, sausages, mushrooms, games, the three of them went all out for the best night he ever had. Crawling to the bathroom, showering together, then carried up the stairs, the bed, and.. a final knock of two shot glasses between his mum and Jason.

By the time he found the latest ‘event’ that could well be the culprit for his mum’s kinky advances, her hand was already making its way into the loose shorts he wore. The lack of underwear didn’t help either, shortening her reach for his growing erection, that was caused by the ticklish sensation when she slithered up his thigh.

The sloppy handjob got him really, really hard, even producing pre-cum for her to use as lubricant. Jason then whispered, ‘suck me’, into Janice’s ear.

She stuck Alex’s dick out of the waistband and lazily dragged her cheeks across his shirt, taking almost half his cock into her mouth at once. Sucking and slurping hungrily while lying on his belly, his balls were caressed with utmost care in her hand too.

(Alex whispering) ‘fuck! Ssss.. ‘

(Mum moaned) ‘Mmm.. ‘

She went even deeper and made him squirm helplessly, moving faster when Jason placed his hand over her head as a guide. Not remembering her son’s presence, she devoured his cock louder, taking him deep throat for as many times as Jason pushed.

(Jason whispering) ‘Is it time?’

(Mum moaning) ‘Yes.. ‘

She straightened her body and stripped her shorts and panties off, flashing her shaved, youthful looking pussy at Alex, under the streetlights shining through the undrawn curtains. Her body laid very still on the bed with her legs spread, moaning to Jason’s finger that was rubbing her clit slowly.

(Jason whispered louder) ‘Quick!’

Alex summoned all the strength he had and flipped on top of his mother, whose hand swiftly caught his dangling manhood. Once she slipped the first inch in, he plunged the remaining length into her, showing her the rest of Utopia.

Jason then grabbed a pillow, put it against Alex’s back and pushed him deeper into Janice. To think his own step-dad was pacing his thrust into his soon-to-be wife, amplifying her moans to let Alex hear his good performance.

(Alex whispered loudly) ‘Jason kor kor.. I.. ‘


(Alex replied excruciatingly) ‘Yeah!’

(Jason whispering very softly) ‘Just cum inside her. She’s on the pill.’

‘Mmmhmm.. ‘

Alex increased his speed without Jason’s help and just rocked his hips out. Strong shivers went through his body like Janice’s, sending her screaming for an intense orgasm. The sudden silence from the young boy marked his first shot into his mother’s womb, pumping the rest of his load with a scrunched up face.

She put one hand around the base of his cock where he pulled out a little, and got more cum out of him with a slow handjob. Once Alex was emptied and out, she fell back into sleep, snoring loudly to exhaustion. Jason brought Alex out of the room for a cigarette break, at the warm fire pit that was smouldering.

‘How did you like it?’

Alex couldn’t say anything but poke at the glowing charcoals, liking it but unable to express it openly. Jason knew exactly what was going through that young man’s head, and did not force an answer out of him.

(Jason speaking calmly) ‘It’s good to live with us, I’m sure such nights will happen often. Let’s get some sleep now.’

After experiencing his ‘firsts’ with both sides of his parents, Alex already had an answer in his mind..

Part 1 | Part 2

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