Happier Birthday

(Ginny saying) ‘The prawns next?’


For her birthday, the first-year poly student asked me out to the wet market near her place to buy some groceries together, so she could make breakfast for all of us, especially her mum who was still asleep in the master bedroom. Porridge, was the dish she wanted to cook, but I was the one preparing all the ingredients.

As both my hands got busy de-shelling the prawns, Ginny wrapped her arms around my waist without any resistance, giving me ticklish blows behind my ears to distract me.

‘Hey hey.. Don’t play now can? Wait till I’m done.’

‘Don’t want.’

Being the colleague of her older brother, I occasionally ran errands for him that required me to go up to his place. Of course, his mum and sister soon got used to my presence and I became a frequent dinner ‘guest’. Since I started helping Ginny with her I.T. related homework a few weeks ago, we have gotten much closer then.

‘Hey hey! Where are your hands going?!’

Her fingertips had slipped into my board shorts and were wriggling deeper as I squirmed, ironically giving her the signals she wanted. In no time, my cock was getting a handjob in her icy cold fingers, hardening as she pumped me in the tiny, constrained space.

Quickly, I finished with the last shrimp and washed my hands, in time for her to pull her hands out before I did that myself.

(Auntie greeting hoarsely) ‘Hey kids.. ‘

‘Morning auntie.’

‘Mummy! Can you cook the porridge for me? It’s my birthday and I want to make breakfast for all of us. But you make the best porridge.’

(Auntie asking happier) ‘Wah. So I am just a porridge cooker now?’

‘Hehe. Please please.. J and I just came back from the market. We have prepared everything except for the porridge. I’ll put the fish and prawns inside for you k? Love you love you!’

‘Haha. Ok ok. Go wash up and rest. You better come to the kitchen when I call you ah. If not I will just eat everything myself.’


Ginny left me in her room and went out, making me wonder what else was I supposed to do if not breakfast. After five minutes of mindless browsing on 9Gag, she returned in a long, over-washed, translucent piece of white t-shirt, flashing off her black caged bra and a grey pair of yoga shorts underneath.

‘Am I suppose to tidy your room for your birthday present?’

‘Noooo. Something better.’

She walked up to me and pushed me onto her bed, climbing over my lap to hover her face in front of mine.

(She whispered sensually) ‘I want you for my birthday.’

‘Woah woah woah. How would YOU know I’m not taken?’

‘My brother is a good spy.’

Her lips stopped me from saying anymore and from that point on, it was just us making out intensively. Our shirts, her bra, my pants, were all gone in a flash. I’d never forget how her soft pair of breasts rubbed against my chest until her nipples were all hard, and the ‘confused’ girl didn’t know what else to do except to reach into my underwear.

(I whispered) ‘Wait.. ‘

I flipped her onto her back and laid next to her, slanting enough to keep kissing her, while my hand went around her boobs to knead them well. Gentle moans then started drifting out of her pink lips, desiring more of my playful twists on her nipples, yet too shy to ask for it.

(She whispered) ‘Suck on them?’

My mouth went for the closer side and a deep gasp told me of how good she felt. Her hand then peeled my underwear lower, and caught the raging hard-on with less aggression. Stroking it from the base to the tip, she was breathing faster to my southward moving palm. Into her shorts I went, and a perfectly shaved groin greeted me with a slight arch of her hips. My fingers went along the contours of her mound and the middle finger dived between the two fleshy sides, brushing right past her clitoris.

(She moaned softly) ‘Oh God.. I want you so badly inside me now.. ‘

‘Have you done it before?’

‘No.. But I figured it would feel better than this.’

I smiled at her and continued rubbing her clit, until our lips could no longer pull away from each other. The sloppy handjob worked very well to get me really hard, almost to an ache.

‘What position would you like to try first?’

‘I want to go on top.’

She hugged my back for me to roll us over, and she began to slide down my lap as soon as I was flat. I knew where she was getting at with her knees on the ground, looking right at what was throbbing in her hand.

‘Let me know if I hurt you k?’


I elevated my head with another pillow so I could watch her. Those lips pecking along the shafts, tongue massaging the underside, finally coating all of it with saliva dribbling from the tip. My mind went blank the instant she made the first ‘dive’, taking up to half my length for her first attempt. I couldn’t help but groan to the increasing depth of her blowjob, going faster and slower unpredictably.

Ginny’s eyes were on me all the time, responding to the smallest twitches I made, or the volume of my agonising sounds. Only when she saw me cringing up at one of her deepest reach, did she stop to catch her breath. Left exhausted with little sanity, she climbed back onto my lap and took up a squatting position.

Before our eyes, she let herself down my shaft with her index and fourth finger prying her labia as wide as she could. Her rapid panting definitely got me worried as inches of me disappeared into her, looking all painful but pleasurable in an unspoken manner.

The lower half of my shaft was clearly much harder to ‘sit’ on, but the reaction from her trembling body told me how much she wanted to get all of it inside her. After a minute of slow descend, we saw no more of me and our eyes returned to each other’s faces.

(She whispered sexily) ‘This feels.. so good.. ‘

Seeing how much bliss she was in, I didn’t expect her to still be able to move, or at least be moving right. I sat upright and held her tightly, before falling back so she could rest on my chest. I then rolled ourselves over onto her back, determined to give her a day to remember no matter how much she wanted to ‘do it herself’. After all, it was her defloration day.

‘I’m going to start moving.’

A nod gave me the green light to start thrusting my hips, plunging deep into her vagina that was swallowing me up in unbelievable suction. ‘Too tight’ for comfort, was what extended my stamina. I was grateful for the slight numbness from her overwhelmed pussy, contracting, pulsating, leaking, all over the place with each inward stroke.

Her initial groans of pain faded into more silent screams, though we were fully aware of her mum’s presence in the house. Pumping non-stop at a constant speed, our bodies trashed around as much as the space on the bed allowed us to, sending her into orgasms she never knew was that powerful from penetrative sex.

*Knock knock*

(Auntie shouting) ‘Hey kids! I’m going out to buy some spring onion and ginger. Don’t put the seafood in first k? Be right back!’

Ginny’s hands on my chest were so stiff when she heard her mum’s voice, but slowly recovered when we could no longer hear her footsteps.

(Ginny excitedly saying) ‘Let’s finish it outside.’

I put my shorts on without underwear and she threw just her shirt on, creeping out to make sure her mum left. Somehow, the emptiness and silence of the house turned another side of her on when she dragged me into the couch where the TV was still on.

In a hurry, she got into doggy with her back bent over the backrest, and I remained standing on the cold marbled floor. I couldn’t wait any longer and plugged her pussy full of my cock, pounding her from behind as the fragrant aroma of the chicken stock (from the porridge) filled our noses.

We totally let ourselves go by moaning our lungs out, moving faster than ever with our hips slapping hard against each other.

(She screamed) ‘I’M COMING!’


I pulled out of her just before I ejaculate and fingered her till her orgasm knocked the wind out of her, collapsing directly into a slouch on the couch. The tired girl swiftly caught my cock in her hand and jerked it fast, aiming right at her dropped jaw.

My vision went dark as the first wave left the barrel, squirting as hard as I couldn’t care onto wherever. Only at the less-powerful end of my orgasm did my eyelids relax, to show me a mouth full of my cum, and one of her hands masturbating between her legs.

(I gasped) ‘The door.. AUNTIE!’

I sank my ass into the sofa instantaneously and flung a cushion for Ginny to hide her state of bralessness, using one to hide my erection too.

(Auntie saying) ‘Umm.. My wallet.’

Ginny swallowed my load when her mum came over to the coffee table, where her wallet JUST had to be on of all place.

‘See you guys later.’

Our drenched shirts, glowing faces, panting chest, there was no way she could get what we were doing, wrong. After getting caught red handed, I was in no mood to joke unlike Ginny who was cool about it. I guess she knew her mum better than I did. When she returned home with the two ingredients for garnish, I was at a loss to what should I say to her.

(Auntie saying) ‘So I assume that IS your birthday present from J?’


‘Come, finish cooking the porridge and add these on top. I’m going out after breakfast to do some shopping. Happy birthday Ginny.’

The red packet was thick enough to make me jealous, but everything was back (hopefully) to normal with the uplifting conversation over food.

(Auntie saying) ‘I’ve got my wallet this time. Have a good day guys. J? Take care of Ginny for me.’

With that said, I was more confused, and even more so when Ginny pulled a condom out of the red packet along with some money.

(Ginny speaking cheekily) ‘Protection.’

Followed by her signature cute wink.

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