By The River

(I asked) ‘What do you see when you look out there? The lights?’

‘Not really. I’m looking at the stars.’

Sitting by the river bank, there was hardly anyone along where we sat since it was three in the morning. After the company dinner ended at ten, I broke away from the group and let her joined me. With the both of us having no plans for the next day, there isn’t a better time to spend time alone, to organise my thoughts.

(I asked) ‘Drink?’

‘What’s that?’


She took the flask I just sipped from and tipped a good amount into her mouth, licking her lips that brought my eyes downwards her perfectly contoured body clad in a pink-white dress. I didn’t need super human senses to feel her shifting closer to me, and was most honoured to lend her a shoulder to lay her head on.

(She whispered) ‘Can you hold me? It’s getting a little cold.’

Cliché or what? Two souls sitting by the river, looking out at the scenic vast waters where modern, almost-futuristic buildings lined the opposite shore. I put my arm around her waist and she snuggled even closer to me, enough for me to feel her warm breathes going down my neck.

‘You know? I haven’t had such a moment before in my entire life? It’s so peaceful. And.. It doesn’t even matter if you are the right person. This. This just makes everything right.’

‘I know. This is where I draw my insanity from – sanity.’

She brought one of my hands and placed it gently on her kneecap, cold but soft when I gave it a little squeeze. The scent of her shampoo was irresistible when she turned her face towards me, brushing them against my cheek while at it.

That moment of (what you call it?) silence, connection, bond, would weaken any men instantaneously, and even much quicker if they looked into her dark, soul-sucking pupils that glimmered with little sparkles.

Imagine the sounds of crashing waves, splashing waters (from the Merlion), chilly winds, glowing warm lights, flowing everywhere and around you, but not distracting you from the most beautiful eyes you see. Would you let her wait any longer?

Our noses bumped right before our lips touched, and it was not those ‘out-of-control’ ones. I could feel how hard my lips were, how tensed I was, how much, I was, when she planted her mouth on mine. With both her hands running up my neck to my ears, my hand (on her lap) moved in the one direction permissible – under her dress.

Moist, warm was what my fingertips told me, and soft, ready, was what a press showed me. Our tongues then came forth to taste each other’s saliva, trading them in place of love, since there were none. She took no time to start undoing my pants, and I slipped my arm even deeper to wriggle my way into her panties.

While my legs parted so ever slowly, she slung one of hers over my thigh, and officially gave way to my intruding finger.

(She moaned) ‘Gosh.. Go deeper.’

I pushed all the way into her vagina and felt her fingers clenched around my manhood, illuminated by the orange lights from the street lamps. We only managed five, or less, minutes, of foreplay before she climbed over my lap and continued making out in this unmistakable ‘seated cowgirl’ position.

The corner where we took up offered a little shade, but certainly not enough to hide our body temperature that was shooting through the roof. The way she held my cock upright, made me wonder how wild could she get if the mood was right. Within seconds, her heavenly gates consumed my one deadly sin, drowning it in pleasure without so much a jerk.

Our eyes couldn’t break away from each other, let alone our hands that were roaming under our clothes for the sensitive tips on our chests.

‘Let me move. This place isn’t that ideal for you to.. *sigh* ride.’

The clever girl immediately found her footing on the ground and lifted herself a distance from my elongated rod. With the space allowance for me to thrust upwards, I began piling my lust into her and let her moans drove my motors. Ramming fast and hard into her pussy, it was almost impossible for us not to groan or hold ourselves back.

We were after all, fucking at one of the most visited attractions in Singapore.

She took over some of the work whenever I got tired, extending my desperate attempts to grasp straws for the violent slams she landed on my hips.

(She whispered) ‘fuck! Coming!’

With that, she let go off her grip on my shoulders and took all of me inside her, constricting the thick meat inside her trembling vaginal walls. By then, I knew we no longer needed to move any more.

(I whispered loudly) ‘I’m going to cum too. Take it out once you’re done.’

Her shivering hands held onto mine as she lifted herself away, sitting next to me and jerking me with her hand. I didn’t leave her unattended either, rubbing her clit while we faced the open waters for our last breathes of air.


Her legs shut on my hand as I raised my hips to launch my ejaculate into the tiny waves, pollinating the sea with my freshwater organisms while she went into a small fit at my vibrating fingertips.

(She gasped loudly) ‘STOP STOP!’

I took my hand out of her legs and let her squat at the edge to clean her hands, standing behind her with one of my arms out to reel her in. At 4am, we finished our ‘bonding’ and had nothing but smiles on our faces, along with some bonus kisses.

(She asked) ‘Shall we go now? I’ll be the first to sign up if you are planning for such nights again.’

‘The fun part or the quiet part?’

We left after her giggle for the main road where we each hailed a cab home.

(WhatsApp from her) ‘Both.’

Then both it shall be.

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