Public Indecency

‘Excuse me. May I join you? The other tables are taken.’

‘Sure sure.’

The full-body tattooed girl sat down once I removed my bag, securing her leash around one of the legs on the bench. I couldn’t resist looking at her arms, thighs, or even her face, no matter how rude that was. Under the darkness of the night, her un-inked areas were still glowing of fair skin, beautifying her body art if they weren’t perfect enough.

(She asked) ‘Is that alcohol?’

‘Umm. Yeah. You want some?’

She picked my tiny, metallic shot ‘glass’ up and let me pour her a full cup, before she emptied it down her throat. The shameless me took the opportunity to steal a glance at her slender shoulders, all the way down to her tight, short shorts-clad hips, while she was at it.

(Mumbling to herself) ‘Perfect.’



Admittedly, my attention was no longer on the empty skies I was staring blindly into, but on the minute movements she was making. While her dog laid quietly on the grass, we began talking about our lives. Cindy, as young as she was, just divorced from her cheating husband, and was left a small two-room apartment with no alimony after a bank-account-emptying lawsuit.

‘Oh my god! Were you referring to my body?!’

‘Haha. Yeah.’

‘I honestly have never heard anyone say that when I’m covered with tattoos. In return, you’re quite cute!’

She threw my arm around her neck and drank straight from the flask, until she was all warm and high. The next thing we knew, the couple on the bench far from us started emitting naughty noises, luring Cindy’s hand to my buckle.

(she whispered) ‘My top is long enough to cover. Help me lower my shorts.’

‘Hey hey. We barely knew each other.’

(she whispered) ‘That’s why this is happening.’

A lot of awkward actions later, her spaghetti top was stretched over her groin, and my belt, fly, underwear, were all spread far enough to let the spring effect point my dick upright. One look at the other bench told us enough about what the lady was doing, bobbing her head on her partner’s lap to make him give those weirdly-obvious head throws.

In a little less than two seconds later, Cindy bent over my lap and gave my cock a lick, sucking the droplet of pre-cum as it oozed out.

(She spoke softly) ‘Sweet.’

The following engulfment of my shaft totally blinded my senses, overwhelming them with pleasure with each up-down stroke. She was seriously enjoying my dick like a butter-basted sausage cooked with too much butter. I could feel her tongue dragged over every inch, before she returned frequently to ‘collect’ my droplets of honey.

(I whispered) ‘Your turn.’

I lifted her chest up and sat closer to her, wriggled my fingers between her thighs to ‘love’ her clit. Meanwhile, her hand continued to jerk me while the first finger disappeared into her pussy, coating it with an unbelievable amount of lube before she asked for ‘one more’.

So two, thrust deep into her body to her increasing speed, till a groan caught us by surprise. The lady (on the other side), was already riding her man!

(Cindy asked gently) ‘Lie down.’

She immediately made way for me to straight my back horizontally on the bench, and sat near my head. A minute passed and she got up on her feet, kneeling on either sides of my face before she let off a soft moan when my tongue flicked along her slit.

(She whispered loudly) ‘Hey wait!’

Her body fell forward over my risen cock and all of it went into her mouth. A public 69, was happening in a public park. Her lips were smashed against the base of my cock as my muffled groans went right between her legs, leaking juices into my mouth as I ate her out.

Not a single strand of pubes could be felt on my tongue, and she even smelled great. A feminine, young scent made me went even faster. I was literally making out with her nether region. Her body never stopped squirming once when we were at it, at times suffocating me when an orgasm flashed through her spine.

Even when she was catching her breaths, her hips would keep grinding my nose to give her own clit some attention. After what felt like a long time later, she tied her hair into a bun and dived for the last time, devouring my cock with no more distractions from her own twitching waist.

(I desperately groaned) ‘I’m cumming! Stop stop!’


The three times she shook her head with my dick inside her mouth was all I could take and hot cum spewed where they should go. Lowering her hips as I came, her gasping vagina released a thick, strand of venom into my mouth, where I licked around the sides for more. Her orgasm came right when I was about done, trembling on my chest while sucking me hardest to keep her own voice down.

We took a long time to pick ourselves up after we were done, and even longer to put on the clothes we moved out of the way. By then, the couple was done and were looking at us, giving us a thumbs up to which Cindy returned.

(Cindy asked cheekily) ‘Do you want to wait for your first bus at my place?’

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