DDLG 4 Bellea

‘Daddy got something for you.’

Callie looked up from her homework and gave him a wide smile when she saw a pink little dress. The off-shoulders design with frilly hems, so dangerously translucent that looked more like a beachwear than to be worn out.

‘Thanks daddy!’

She pulled the long-sleeved shirt that belonged to him off her tiny frame and flashed her braless chest at her. Raising her arms for him, he slipped it over her head and caught the straps to be tied around her shoulders.

When he was done, the satisfied look on his face pleased her so much, she did a spin for him to see. His phone came out of his pocket and she knew what to do next. Going round the dining table, she bent over to let him snap a picture, just like what he did to all the clothes he bought for her.


‘It’s the prettiest dress I’ve got for you!’

He tucked his phone away and brought her workbook to the sofa, checking on her progress after a long day at work. Callie couldn’t wait for him to finish before straddling over his lap, and began to undo his shirt for him. The distraction did its job after he put her book down, lying back to let her slip her around his back.

‘I miss you daddy.’

‘Me too. I’ve been thinking about you the whole day.’

His hands ran under the dress to her perky ass and gave them a squeeze, shocking her in a playful manner. It soon got her so smitten that she was planting kisses down his neck, sliding down lazily to his feet. The belt clanked loudly for her to whip his cock out, covered with veins that was protruding with much sensitivity.

‘Oh my god.. ‘

She licked her lips in a hunger as her fingers wrapping around his manhood got him to gasp for her. He watched her tongue stick out to lick his shaft like an ice lolli, marking her daddy part with saliva. When the first droplet of pre-cum oozed out, an ‘oops!’ smothered his tired muscles especially when she sealed her lips around the tip.

In an innocent way, she sucked hard for all she could get and went down lower in a few more strokes, until she got what she could fit in her mouth – 3/4 of him. Her head repositioned itself horizontally to his vertical organ and continued to move up and down, listening to his pleasurable groans at the same time.

Nothing, nothing would get her wetter when she hear how happy he was. Callie was paying more attention to the little ring under his hood, using the tip of her tongue to circle it until he got a little flustered. ‘Mmmm~’, a downward dive sent his cock to her throat for a few seconds until she choked on it.

‘That’s enough girl.’

Her smiling face appeared with bubbly saliva at her lips, showing him how willing she was to be his.

‘Is my girl wet already?’

‘A little?’

He patted loudly on the space next to him and she excitedly jumped on it, getting into doggystyle before he told her what to do. It was another night of crazy sex and no one was looking forward to it more than her.

‘Did I say I was going to fuck you?’


He sat with his feet together between her legs and straightened them under her body. So, it was 69 that night. Could she say no to him? She shifted herself back until his face was right under her pussy, and that throbbing piece of cock was in her face again.

The first lick of his tongue got her moaning ‘daddy.. ‘ really desperately as he lapped up everything coming out of her. The way that softness touched her wetness, savouring everything with loud swallows. He was tasting as much as she was trying to fit him between her jaws.

It was especially difficult when he would go so fast she would stop ‘work’ and just let the overpowering shivers take her to orgasms. The thick lips he used to hold her clit in would weaken her so badly, she would sit up on his face and indulge in the cunnilingus more than she should. The sight of daddy under the dress gave her new clothes a new meaning, similar to all she owned from him.

‘Daddy! Can I sit on it please?’

‘Okay okay. But let daddy do the work tonight.’

She got onto the floor and waited for him to sit upright, before climbing into his arms. His curved boner pierced into her small hips with expectedly loud moans, moving in all the way until she reached his ‘base’. Callie leaned forward into his chest to make some space for his thrusts and quickly drifted into a trance when he started pumping.

The full length slid in and out like a machine gun, in that position he only needed to jerk his groin. Pounding her so violently, the cute expressions she made totally bought his heart, hugging her even tighter as she fought his entries. Getting tighter by the minute, he soon joined her in the dirty noises, slowly inching towards his own climax.

‘Girl, daddy is cumming.’


She wrapped her arms around his neck for a few seconds and let go, returning to her knees between his feet for her nightly dessert. Using her hand to jerk him off, her mouth was put in charge to lick everything that appeared out of that hole. It took her a few minutes before he growled, and his cock disappeared into her face when he did that.

The forceful jets of cum went down her throat in huge waves, to which she took every bit in without a flinch. The finale lasted a good minute with the both of them panting exhaustedly after, and it was daddy’s job to carry her to bed – in the dress he bought.

‘Thank you Daddy.’

‘Goodnight little princess.’

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