Drunken Sleepover

‘Hey, let’s get you home.’

‘Aren’t you sleeping here tonight? Can’t I join you?’

‘No! I am working tomorrow. That’s why.’

She was snoring before I could get her out of the shop, frowns crumpled in some unspeakable headache. Seeing that I wasn’t going to move her anytime soon, I found a corner and laid down, waiting for the dizziness to past before sleep claimed me.

‘Hey.. ‘

‘Why are you here?’

‘This spot is so nice. Bo jio.’

She cuddled me like a bolster, moving her thigh over my groin a few times to find the right position. It didn’t take long before she stopped fidgeting, not because she went back to sleep, but cause something obstructed her.

‘Shit.. ‘

She mumbled as a hand landed harder than it should on my bulge, going so far to squeeze it a few times to check.

‘It’s hard isn’t it?’

Her fingers went to unzip me and I had to shock her awake somehow. Nothing worked better when I gave her boobs a squeeze, accidentally causing her to moan and hold me tighter.

‘Keep going.. but help me take it out first.’

Take what out? I unbuttoned my jeans for her and she wrestled the hard on out of my underwear, and her black crop top was raised above her bra for me to get my hands on them. In the tiny corner, we were engaged in this, weird, drunk massage that got us squirming when we pushed each other too far.

‘Wait. Let me get my pants off, it’s so tight.’

Her eyes were closed when she lowered her tights to her knees, enough for her spread for my eager hand while she continued jerking me off. We never had enough strength to do anything more then, just masturbating each other and listening to our mutual orgasmic noises.

When her hips lifted off the ground, I knew she was near climax and went crazy on her clit. Her teeth sank into my shoulder when she came, smearing juices all over my hand. She slapped her hand over my fingers still inside her and held them still, for the thick liquid to stick on my skin.

Her fingers then pinched me away and transferred as much juices as she could into her hand, before resuming the handjob. The rest of the night was hers to jerk, while I couldn’t go much faster than before for her but she was fine with it.

‘It’s my turn now.’

‘K. In my hand.’

Such convenient answer she gave. I let her finish the job and creamed into her long fingers after a while, leaving them on the floor away from me once I was done. The remaining hours before opening was in a fuzz, except that we woke up fully dressed.

Somehow, we knew what happened last night and went to wash wherever soiled, and she left as if nothing out of the ordinary took place. That night, a message came into my phone at the close, and I knew I couldn’t lock up just yet.

‘Shall we get drunk again tonight? I’ll buy.’

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