Leaked Clip

‘Shane, is this you in the video?’

His science teacher, Ms. Lim, held her phone in his face and the video he took of his girlfriend touching his private part played to his horror. That clip was meant for just them to watch but it leaked out somehow, into the hands of his teacher that he knew couldn’t just do nothing.


‘How could you do this with Anna?! You know she will get you into trouble?’

‘Now I know.’

‘Not good enough. I only saw it when she was using her phone in class. Even if you two did that, you shouldn’t record such things!’

‘I’m sorry Ms. Lim.’

‘Come with me.’

The end, it seemed was coming when he walked behind her to wherever the higher-up she was going to report it to. When they reached the end of the classrooms, the empty science lab somehow made him felt better. Whoever she was looking for, that person wasn’t there.


Right. Of course she could get that person to the lab, it was the ideal location to discuss about his stupidness without too much unwanted attention. Shane went in and sat behind one of the desk, breaking out in cold sweat when he thought about the involvement of his parents. They would surely break his legs if they found out about it.

‘Stand near the demonstration table.

He watched hopeless at the fan she turned on and was giving her a half-interested face when she stepped up to him. Suddenly, she swung her palm back and landed a loud slap on his groin, squeezing whatever she grabbed so hard his toes raised him a feet higher.

‘Ms. Lim!’

‘You like to use it on innocent girls right?!’

‘No Ms. Lim! I won’t do it again. I promise!’

She pinched the hook of his pants and it came free immediately, fly coming down in a flash. Her hand dug its way into his underwear and her violence disappeared as randomly as it appeared. Shane could feel her fingers peeling his foreskin back to let it poke out, in her gentleness unlike before.

When it was sticking out of his underwear like a misplaced organ, she began stroking it to make him groan in obedience. Never had he expected things to take such a turn, and on top of that, to have an erection forced out of him.

After a minute or two of insensitive handjob, the grin on her face couldn’t be missed when he reached the size she saw in the video.

‘Sit on the floor.’

Right where he was standing, he bent his knees and slid to the ground, where he watched the panties came out from under her black, knee-length skirt. Red, lace. It even had a sticky strand when it reached her knees. As soon as it was off, her skirt went above her hips and she was squatting over his groin.

‘Have you had sex with her?’



She used two fingers to split that shaven pussy apart and descended her wrath right over his cock. The irresistible shiver shook his legs as she planted her ass on his lap, ‘chewing’ his cock up with the excited twitches in her vagina. He was indeed as big as she saw and it got her moving in no time, bouncing up and down with her calves straightened on the ground, and grinding him when her thighs began to ache.

Shane was biting his forearm to keep himself quiet in the devastating rape, something that he was never prepared for in the first place. The slipperiness of her pussy, the overwhelming tightness that was squeezing his rod so hard, the entrance that milked him with every upward stroke, his mind was long in a trance.

‘Ms. Lim! I’m going to cum!’


She repositioned her feet to squat over him as he repeated his answer.

‘I am going to.. ‘

Her subsequent bounces swapped his words for groans when their hips slapped loudly, until he threw his arms around her waist suddenly. Her feet slipped right there and then, sealing his shaft in an unbelievable suction that got him convulsing in her chest.

‘Good good. Let it all out.’

His cock was pumping loads of cum into her when she used one hand to rub her clit to an orgasm, further emptying him of any sexual urges he was never supposed to let Anna get close to. The few minutes of silence in each others’ arms came to an end when she lifted herself away, giving him a treat through his weary eyes to watch his own cum dribble out, and over his cock.

‘Wear your pants back. And I’m deleting this.’

She wore her panties back as if nothing happened and he took a longer time to get dressed. Still in a state of confusion, he followed her out of the science lab and to a bench out in the open.

‘You will stay back whenever I want you to, and you will acknowledge all of my messages on WhatsApp. Understand?’

‘Yes Ms. Lim.’

‘You can go now.’

Anna and Shane broke up shortly after, and there was no other reasons than him lusting for a fantasy every student, or once-a-student, could only dream of.

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