No Words

There were no words to describe how wanted I felt when she ran her hand across my chest. As much as I would like to use ‘it has been too long’, there has never been one who would spend that much time to leave a trail of eroticism where her fingers touched, giving the sensitiveness of my skin something to follow behind.

Was it weird to tilt my head when she started the journey from my forehead? It must have seemed as if I was a cat enjoying that satisfying pat. I can only wonder what was going through her mind when she teased me like that, going over my lips and letting my playful tongue lick her fingertip without a word of complaint.

The little distance down my neck, it was the same sensation when my hairdresser shaved my collar-line, a shiver that rises hair for a good reason. When she reached my nipples, all I hoped was for her not to talk about how pointy they were. And she didn’t embarrass me when she brushed past them and continued down south, where the V-shaped grooves was always a topic for discussion.

Just as I wanted her next and final stop to be the tower of life, she skilfully skipped that and went for my thighs, that couldn’t make out what to expect during the transition from her fingers to her nails. It was ticklish in a comforting manner, one that I only felt to have an effect on my erection.

‘Do you want me to touch him?’

‘Yes please.’

I was almost begging her after all that teases, but she stopped. And sat upright. Did I just ruin the moment by answering too soon? And better still, to give her a disappointing answer. I was so sure that was the end when I couldn’t sense her enthusiasm anymore.

As my bulge understood its mistake, her lips, gave its most appreciative kiss on the tip and promptly went down on it. I couldn’t stop moaning as she caressed the sensitive shaft with her tongue, lips pressing hard together as it stroked in and out, at wondrous depths I couldn’t understand why she wasn’t choking on it.

I couldn’t remember for how long she made me feel that intense and crazy. Thrashing around, having unexplanable stomach cramps, taking deep and long breaths that almost caused me to suffocate myself, for a full hour.

No, I didn’t cum. And the pleasurable oral sex didn’t leave me with blueballs either, for some reason.

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