Stop Smoking!

‘Can you go inside first? Daddy will take a smoke.’

‘No! Don’t smoke anymore Daddy.. ‘

‘Just one?’


At the stairs beside the front door, he had already taken a stick out of the cigarette box and was ready to light it when Princess squatted in front of him. Filling her panties with that accidental squeeze of her pussy, his arm holding the lighter fell away and she knew she had won.

‘Daddy, if I wanted a stick, will you give it to me?’

‘No! I will never allow you to smoke.’

‘Daddyyyyyy! The other stick!’

Her hands roamed up his inner thighs and he leaned back with a pleased look, granting her wish to have that stick she had always been ‘smoking’ on. His belt came loose without much effort and she had his dick waving in the air before he knew it.


‘No don’t. Use your hand first.’

As usual, she let some saliva into her palm and stroke Daddy slowly, moving her beautifully manicured fingers run up and down. He had always paid for her nails to be done, so he could watch. There was no saying how happy he was when her head went nearer to his groin, until it disappeared into her mouth.

‘Mmmm~ Good girl.’

She planted her knees on the ground and started moving faster, slurping up all the saliva that was escaping. Daddy didn’t waste that downblouse he got and helped himself to her jigging cups, massaging them as she made him groan and shiver.

‘Daddy.. ‘


She tucked her lips in in a playful grin and a sigh came to tell her ‘yes’. Princess’ teeth showed through her tense lips and she was up with her dress around her waist, butt facing him and lowering over his lap. Daddy held his rod straight and guided her down his long shaft, splitting that wet slit to fit his size.

‘Come, up.’

He stood up inside her and turned to the railing, where she held firmly to accommodate his thrusts. Daddy’s cock was always so satisfying in the little girl, with forceful thrusts that took her breaths away. He was pounding her so hard despite standing, banging against her fair bum that sent his cock seven inches in.

Princess’ orgasms started coming one after another when he started grabbing her boobs so painfully. Her butt was already aching from the hard knocks.

‘Daddy is cumming!’

She outright straightened her body and turned to Daddy, kneeling down to take his cock as he rammed into her mouth, using that cute lips to milk his monster. Within seconds, he came between those pinkness that was still wet from the blowjob, filling up her tummy with huge loads of cum she swallowed.

The orgasmic ejaculation took away all his cravings for a smoke and they went into the house after he zipped up, forgetting his lighter at the staircase which hopefully would be cleared off by morning.

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